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Best Shoe Inserts for Heels & Flats

Good sling back high heels can be better! Make any sling back high heels more wearable for all day comfort with rebounding polyurethane custom fit shoe inserts. Stop toe pain even in narrow toe shoes, stop foot slide and stop slideway slipping of heels in sling backs. Walk confidently all day and keep shoes on your feet! 
 Ball of foot cushions have many problems. Too bulky, too hard, don't hold the foot back from sliding forwards and don't stick - even falling out of a shoe!  Since 40% of  ball of foot pad reviews on Amazon are fake making a good buy is difficult. This chart is based on analysis of 600 reviews to help you. 

Review the ranking of the Best and the Worst in high heel shoe cushioning. See if you can find the one you wear most often, and compare it to the other six.  

The 'secret' to making sure you get high heel shoe inserts that will work for you and give your foot maximum comfort is to never buy or wear high heels that are too tight. Customize your high heels with foam inserts that have at least three important features.  1. The cushioning should never crush. The 'new springy foam' feeling should last forever.  2. The cushioning should be soft, never hard and slippery like gel or a rubber/plastic combination. 3. The inserts should hold your foot back against gravity 100%. Much of the pain of high heels is from toes and forefoot being crushed.  Bonus if the inserts you choose stabilize your high heels to stop wobbles - a big help in platform heels or high heeled sandals.

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