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Shipping is free to anywhere within Canada. Shipping to the USA is a $6 flat rate and shipping elsewhere globally is a flat rate of $8 Shipping cost is in US dollars. 

Shipping is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

When an order is received it is shipped as soon as possible, usually within 2 days,  through Canada Post by air.  Late Friday and weekend orders are shipped the following Monday or Tuesday.  All shipments are brought to two Canada Post sub post offices on either Alta Vista Drive - in my suburb - or on Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa.  All international shipments must go through  customs. Canada Post ships mail out of Ottawa from their post offices twice a day Monday to Friday. Shipments are collected at post offices on Saturday and Sunday, but do not leave Ottawa until Monday.  

Shipping times to USA vary with distance from Ottawa. I have confirmed information that shipping to Texas, Florida and other southern states takes about 7-8 days. Shipping to central US takes about 5-6 days and shipping to California usually a day less.  Shipping to New York and the East Coast takes about 3-4 days (or if all goes really well shipping to NY, NY can be, 2 days) Shipping to rural areas is usually slower than shipping to major metropolitan areas.  Shipping to Australia, continental Europe or Great Britain takes about 14 days by airmail. Shipping to Singapore,, Hong Kong or to the Middle East is unpredictable for timing but in practice is usually within 3 weeks. All shipping is by air mail. 

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