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Happy wedding guest! : I wore the high heel inserts in my very high heels to a wedding of a friend and was comfortable for the whole night of about four hours in heels. I was surprised because with these heels I usually have to change to flats long before the night is over. 

Finally a shoe insert that actually does what it is designed to do! narrow foot kept sliding forward in all my shoes, but especially my sandals making my toes hang off the ends. I have tried ever other type of shoe insert to try to help with what I thought was just my feet getting to old to wear my favorite heels any more. Killer Heel Inserts have solved all my shoe challenges. No more sliding.

No more toe overhang and surprisingly, no pain when I wear my new favorite heeled sandals!

 Second time buyer, love the inserts:    I was very happy with the inserts, so I ordered them again. And thank you so much for the extra pair, very generous. I think that your product is just great. I also, like that personal note on back of your business card. I will tell all my family and friends about your product. Continued success.

Inserts that work   Finally found inserts that I would use and that work! They prevent my feet from slipping/sliding (so my straps aren't digging into my feet 2 mins after I wear them) and feel as though I’m walking in much shorter heels (they make 4 inch heels feel like 2 or 3 inch heels instead). I love that they are washable and so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them :) 

I would like to write a testimonial reviewing the incredible product called Killer Heels Comfort Shoe Inserts. First off I would like to graciously thank Verve the creator and owner of Killer Heels for her generosity in giving me samples of this great invention. I have tried it and absolutely loved it. The inserts are like no other and they make the world of a difference for women who like to wear their heels in comfort. I would most definitely purchase these inserts as they are a great investment.

 Long-awaited salvation for a wide-foot size 10!  As the title says it all, I have wide size 10 (on my best days) high-instep feet. I already go out of my way purchasing comfortable enough (and insanely overpriced) shoes- and even then it seems to be next to impossible to find something that is stylish and comfortable. These inserts solved this problem of many years for me. They add the perfect final touch. I even managed to pull high heels off during both of my pregnancies (when galas and business meetings are somewhat unavoidable). Highly-highly-highly recommend!

All Night long. Ever since I discovered these new inserts, I have finally been able to wear my heels for an entire night without feeling the discomfort I usually experience after about an hour and a half. I wore my heels for six hours on Saturday night with no discomfort at all, and that includes dancing salsa! I am going to install these inserts in all of my heels! Thank you! 

Bye-bye slip n' slide toes I have quite a few peep toe or open toe heeled sandals and booties, and while I love the look of them, they can be a little impractical when my foot begins to slide forward and my toes hang out over the edge. Learning about Killer Heels' promise to solve this problem, I decided to try them out during a recent trip down south in my new heeled sandals, especially since warmer climates and sweaty feet can make things even more slippery. I am happy to report that these inserts not only kept my little toes in place but that they also added a new level of comfort that allowed me to stay on the dance floor a lot longer than usual. I can't wait to see what they do for my other heeled shoes! 

High Heel Inserts   Although, the instructions were a bit confusing your product is a winner.

Seems to help.Need to wear the shoes for a couple of hours to really find out

Love the shoe pads. Did help with the situation.

The customer service is unparalleled.The attention to ever detail and forward thinking is amazing. Thank you so very much for spending all the time and effort to develop a much needed item.


On the PRODUCT page beside the high heels or flats look for the word review, click on it twice to get to a gray rectangle  WRITE A REVIEW 

 After your comments have been received by YOTPO (the testimonials app) they will send a link so that you can verify that you are a 'real person' who has bought or tried the inserts.  

See a video link of Laura playing hopscotch in high heels in a you tube video on the  'Products' page.    YouTube video "How to Make High Heels Comfortable"

Laura says:  Watch this u tube video for a 'testimonial'  from me on how Killer Heels Comfort inserts lets me hopscotch in heels without my four inch heels wobbling about!   I also demonstrate how to put the high heel inserts into my heels before I hopscotch in them.  Laura G, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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