Customers are saying that my sculpted ergonomic shoe inserts "actually do what is claimed they do  ! ".

To do what it's supposed to do seems like such a simple expectation to be met by a product  - but in a world of 'hype', - and even more so it seems in products intended for female consumers - there are products that don't do what is claimed for them.  

I am  SO very pleased  that my customers say such positive things about my newly invented and patented (in 2015)  inserts.  You can read the customer testimonials attached to each product by clicking on SHOP to see the products and their reviews.

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Watch this u tube video for a 'testimonial'  from me on how Killer Heels Comfort inserts lets me hopscotch in heels without my  four inch heels wobbling about!   I also demonstrate how to put the high heel inserts into my heels before I hopscotch in them.  The utube video is at product page at High Heel Inserts. It is also at:


Laura G, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.