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FAQs How are these shoe cushions different or better than what I can buy elsewhere? How do they work? Why should I buy these?


What patent claims are there for the Killer Heels Comfort inserts? 

Eight (8) patent claims for the forefoot cushion/ball of foot cushion that make it unique and better (more effective & more comfortable)  than any shoe inserts previously patented or sold anywhere.    The following is a summary of the invention claims for the forefoot cushion/ball of foot cushion. 

A NEW INVENTION FOR THE BEST FOOT COMFORT IN HEELS & FLATS    The forefoot cushions have a,  1. novel 'invisible' underfoot shape, 2. perfect custom fit, and  3. effective  function. No other forefoot cushion for high heeled footwear or flats has a cushion in the ergonomic shape of the present invention, is fitted exactly into the correct place with measurements taken from the wearers feet, and has a 'raised portion' (to stop forward slide) and a 'cushioning portion' (to comfort the ball of the foot) that BOTH function well in all shoe styles and for a variety of people with different foot sizes and shape of feet.  

The permanent adhesion system of the forefoot cushion is, 4. optionally temporary for custom positioning the inserts into the best place or 5. optionally permanent. No other forefoot cushion for flats or high heeled footwear is custom fitted on all dimensions of length of foot plus orientation of foot - angle of toes attachment to foot. 

The novel 6. rebounding cushion material PORON of a very 7. specific softness and hardness and has, 8. optimal size of the cushions for a space saving fit inside the toe box of women's footwear where there is very little space, are features that are unique to these shoe cushions. No other forefoot cushion for high heeled footwear or ball of foot cushion for flats has been designed with rebounding material sculpted into a shape and that is made from a specific hardness and softness that is both hard enough to function to hold back a lot of pressure and is soft enough to function to cushion the underside of the ball of the foot.

 Where can I buy the shoe cushions for high heels or flats?

 You can buy them on as singles (same price as here) with free shipping to USA addresses with Amazon's Prime and fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)  at

You can buy them here at, in singles or multiples.

How are the inserts different from the hundreds of other high heel inserts for sale?

The KILLER HEELS COMFORT brand of shoe inserts is the only shoe insert that cushions the foot in uncrushable spring back pads that completely stops forward slide (forefoot pad) and heel gaps (arch pad) in high heels. The cushions are invisible underfoot taking up very little space as they are contoured to the bottom of the foot.

It is the only high heel insert with an ergonomically designed PORON (open cell polyurethane ) ball of foot cushion designed with a raised toe grip that allows for normal toe function of propulsion & balance. This keeps the foot in place inside the shoe and stabilizes high heels so that walking is more natural and less tiring. You are not constantly trying to keep from wobbling in your heels, or trying to keep your heels on your feet by clenching your foot.  

This photo shows the two pads (at the forefoot & at the arch) superimposed on an x-ray of a foot in high heels. The two pads work together to keep the foot from moving about. 

The two features of stopping the foot from sliding about in the shoe and allowing for natural toe function , plus stopping the heel from moving out of place makes high heel shoes very stable and keeps more weight over the heel. This decreases pressure on the ball of the foot. The non crushable PORON  foam that the inserts are made from make it so that they are strong enough to hold the foot back while also being soft underfoot. The comfort that they provide to high heels is superior to any other inserts for high heels being sold today.  Killer Heels Comfort inserts are like weight-shifting insoles in keeping weight over the heel so that there is less pressure on the ball of the foot.  In addition to this function Killer Heels Comfort inserts also keep the foot from sliding forward or sideways with ingeniously engineered and sculpted inserts that hug the curves of the foot and stop it from moving about in the shoe. This increases comfort to the wearer because the foot is stopped from pushing into the front of the shoe toe box or from moving out of position at the heel end of the shoe.  The toes are prevented from being crushed and the heel of the foot is prevented from getting blisters when the foot is held firmly between the two pieces of foam of the insert set. The high heel inserts made from PORON are very effective in cushioning the foot and stopping the foot from moving about inside the shoe. The inserts take up very little room because they are contoured to fit into hollows underfoot and cradle the foot from underneath. Many shoe inserts and insoles for high heels are so bulky that they force the foot upward out of the shoe increasing instability in high heels or they crowd the shoe especially in the toe box (which is not very roomy) or under the vamp of the shoe. Killer Heels Comfort inserts are infinitely adjustable in length and orientation so they are easily customizable to any foot configuration. 


How do the inserts provide foot comfort in high heels? What is the basis of the claim, "Style has never had such comfort? "

Killer Heels Comfort inserts provide immediate and long term foot comfort. The forefoot section of the inserts cushions the ball of the foot with a PORON cushion that has a raised bump in the middle that fits directly under the point of greatest pressure. PORON never crushes. The cushion is new with every step. The ball of foot cushion tapers to the sides so it is not bulky and has a raised ridge at the front that the toes can grab to stabilize the foot in the shoe.

The inserts are custom fitted to your foot. There are markings on the inserts and instructions for marking the inside of your shoe for a custom fit. A custom fit insert means that you don't need a range of orthotic inserts. The placement of the cushion will always be perfect and the entire cushion will be hidden underfoot.  The insert will  fit into your everyday shoes or your highest heels or other going out shoes.  The unique patented design of the ridge allows you to grip with your middle toes, but leaves your big toe and little toe free to provide propulsion and balance. The stability that this provides for your shoes allows you to walk and run in your shoes in a more natural gait. The stabilization of your feet helps keep your shoes on your feet enabling the toes, ankles and legs to function as they should. 

PORON is used as a superior uncrushable, rebounding cushioning insole material in some high quality high heels. One such shoe company is Ron White Shoes.

 In high heels the inserts function to keep as much of the wearers' weight as possible over the heel of the shoe, stabilize the foot and are designed to not interfere with the normal functioning of the toes for balance and propulsion, allowing for a more natural gait in heels while minimizing foot and leg fatigue. The inserts are invisible underfoot. 

Major sources of foot pain in heels are lack of cushioning, sprains and leg fatigue from a destabilizing of the foot and a shift in pressure points when the foot moves out its’ optimally designed position. Downward and forward movement of the foot from the force of gravity and from the impact of walking causes pain due to crushing of the toes and forefoot.

When the foot moves out of its’ optimal position a gap forms at the heel that allows the foot to move up and down which may cause painful heel blisters.

When the wearer’s weight shifts off the heel and slides downwards there is an increase of pressure on the ball of the foot. The wearers' weight is less over the heel and more over the ball of the foot.  The front of heel insert, combines with the forefoot insert keep the weight of the wearer properly balanced with as much weight as possible over the heel area. 

Optimal comfort in high heels is a combination of a well designed shoe that fits well off the shelf plus an insert fitted into the shoe to make it custom and to stop the pernicious effect of gravity on a foot in a high heel. Some examples of the best designed high heel brands are listed in my blog article:  Guide to Comfortable Heels Reviewed for Best High Heels for Work.  Recommendations made by Professional Women on

The complete "Guide to Comfortable Heels"  is available on website.


Are these the most comfortable inserts for high heels? How are inserts better than  insoles for high heels? How come I have never heard of them?

The inserts are designed with several unique features that make them the best high heel inserts and the best high heel inserts for ball of foot comfort. Much of the discomfort in high heels is from the foot being displaced and crushing the toes and forefoot into the toe box or straps.  If the displacement is stopped by inserts that prevent the foot from sliding down the ramp inside the shoe, then any toe pain or pain from the forefoot being crushed is also eliminated.

Other ways that the inserts are better is that they stop heel gaps, therefore there is no movement up and down of the heel that will cause blisters or heel pain.  

The inserts are contoured to the bottom of the foot and are adjustable in length and orientation so they can be fitted exactly to any foot configuration.  This makes it so that very little space is used up by the inserts and the inserts don't add bulk inside the shoe to make  high heel shoe feel tight. The inserts are designed to take up minimal space, yet function to completely stop the foot from moving inside the shoe even during vigorous activity or walking down hill. Their size makes them the best high heel inserts for any style of high heels including strappy high heel sandals. 

The inserts are designed to not interfere with the normal functioning of the toes for propulsion and balance. This makes walking in heels easier and more natural. 

The inserts fit completely under the foot and are the colour of a shadow underfoot. They are discreet enough to wear in any high heel shoe style. They will not show at the heel end or the toe end of strappy sandals.  The inserts are extremely light weight, each insert weighs the same as a dry tea bag.  The combined weight of four pieces is a half ounce.  

Can the inserts be moved from shoe to shoe?

No. The adhesive is very strong. The strong adhesive bonds to the insole of a shoe so that the insert can hold back the wearer's weight. The inserts can be moved from shoe to shoe and adjusted for comfort only if they have had minimal time under pressure such as during the time they are walked on for a few minutes during trying out positions and if only part of the adhesive protective covering in removed. After all the protective covering is removed the inserts are almost impossible to budge, which is what you need and want to have stable shoes, especially high heels, where wobbliness and inserts coming loose while walking can be very dangerous. 

Does the permanent tape stick well?

The permanent tape sticks extremely well. When the inserts are attached with the permanent tape you can trust that they will not come loose or slide around in your shoes. The permanent tape adheres more strongly the more it is pressed because it is a pressure sensitive tape. The permanent tape will make your heels ready to be worn any time you need them without having to fuss with adding various loose or semi glued on cushions into them or putting tape on your shoes or on your feet.  

What features make the inserts different from other inserts for heels? Can they be used as inserts for shoes that are too big? Can they be used in high heels that fit small?

- Two part inserts discreetly fit any style heels 2” or higher

- Prevents pain at toes and forefoot by stopping forward slide of foot

- Two inserts keep foot in place Stop foot movement 360 degrees

- Raised bar under the middle three toes prevents foot movement forward

- Normal toe functions of propulsion and balance are preserved

- Domed rise in the middle of the ball of foot cushion adds comfort

- Pressure is shifted off the ball of foot and Heel is kept in place

- Prevention of heel gaps prevents pain from blisters or rubbing and stops foot wobble

- shaped PORON is shock absorbing, breathable, never feels hard, damp or slippery

- Ergonomic custom fit Follows contours of the foot  Won’t make shoes feel tight

- All day comfort from cushioning that stays in place and never flattens

- Allows for normal gait without strain on foot muscles, helps to keep shoes on your feet

The inserts should be used in shoes that fit well (or are a bit too big). The inserts are not suitable for high heels that fit too tight. 

How were the inserts designed? 

The inserts were designed and prototyped in a unique way to eliminate all problems that women have with high heels. They were refined by consumer testing by many women of all ages at all stages of prototyping and their feedback was used to make the inserts the best inserts for high heels as is possible combining a design that respects how women want to walk in heels and use a new material, PORON, that is strong enough to stop the foot from moving about yet is breathable and soft to the touch. PORON does not feel hard under the foot, loosen from the shoe, or get slippery like gel inserts.  The design process was informed by my background in analysis and design. I also used my knowledge of white water kayaking and how in kayaking it is important to custom fit a kayak to the rider.  A kayak has to 'fit' the rider perfectly, so kayak and rider move as one.   Similarly high heels should fit perfectly so that a woman and her high heels move as one for a safer and more natural walk. 

Question from a woman with narrow feet who has trouble buying heels and has bought medium width high heels.  

 Hello. My name is Linda. I have a narrow foot and have a hard time buying heels. Just purchased a medium width with 3” heels. Can you recommend an insole that will make my shoes fit better. Feel snug?   I would appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you

Dear Linda, 

Thank you for your note. I empathize with you, I have a narrow foot too which is why I needed to invent a product to make my high heels comfortable because there was nothing being sold that fixed my problem. I had a lot of trouble buying any high heels that fit properly because most styles come only in medium widths. High heeled sandals were the worst - my foot slid right out the front. 
I would recommend that you buy my newly invented high heel shoe inserts. A narrow foot inside a medium width high heel shoe will have several problems related to the foot moving away from the heel area of the shoe and sliding forward. The best product for this problem is something that stops the foot from moving inside the shoe - plus of course cushions the ball of the foot which gets a lot of pressure in high heels. If you foot is also low in the shoe's vamp area so there is a gap there, the forefoot insert will help to keep your foot in place.    (if your foot is very low and you have high heeled sandals you can even put two forefoot inserts into the front part of the shoe to give extra cushioning under the ball of the foot and help fill in the area under the sandal straps.)
My inserts for high heels are in sets of two pieces, the forefoot piece cushions under the ball of the foot, plus stops the foot from sliding forward with a ridge that fits under the middle three toes. The insert is designed to take up minimal space in the front of the shoe, and also fit discreetly completely under the foot so it does not show even in open sandals.
The function of the other insert piece that fits in front of the heel reinforces the action of the forefoot piece in keeping the heel of the foot at the heel end of the shoe preventing heel gaps. (this also takes some pressure off the ball of the foot)
In your note you asked  about an 'insole'. I would not recommend insoles (full length or 3/4 length) for high heels because they take up too much room inside the shoe especially at the sides inside the toe box of the shoe, elevate the heel of the foot making the inside of the shoe even steeper which is bad for high heels, and don't stop forward slide of the foot. 
The high heel inserts I sell take up minimal space because they are designed to fit the tiny spaces in the underside contours of the foot. They are convertible so they can be used as temporary inserts, but can become permanent if you want them to be that.  When you use the temporary adhesive you can make sure they fit exactly right before putting them permanently into your shoes. You can also leave them as temporary and move them from shoe to shoe. 
I hope this helps, and I look forward to providing you with high heels comfort.  You can find more information on my website at FAQs, product descriptions, and in the blogs. 
Virve Georgeson


Can I buy the inserts in retail outlets?  Yes, you can buy the high heel inserts and the inserts for thong sandals or runner at Shoelution 121 Slater Street , Ottawa (corner of Metcalfe/Slater).   (613) 567-5888  

 How can I move the temporary attached inserts from shoe to shoe?

To move the inserts into another shoe, the insert is removed first out of the shoe, and then the foam squares are removed out of the shoe. The foam squares can be put into another pair of high heels using the template in the same way as they were put into the original pair of heels.  

The sticky foam squares can can be reused as long as they stay sticky by staying dust free. Each time they are put into shoes, whether new shoes or old shoes - the shoe should be very clean and dry inside. Any dust or dirt that adheres to the sticky foam squares will make them stick less effectively.

A second set of ten foam squares is provided with each set of high heel shoe inserts. The foam squares have sticky adhesive on both sides. Similar foam squares, which will stick temporarily,  can be bought at department stores or office supply stores. 

Are they permanent inserts for high heels? How can I put the inserts permanently into one pair of shoes?

The inserts can be attached permanently at any time by removing the temporary stick foam squares from the shoes and discarding them, and removing the white plastic covering on the permanent glue strip to expose the permanent adhesive. The inserts can be permanently attached to the insole of shoes placing them at the same place they were in and comfortable when they were being used temporarily.  If the inserts were used temporarily in shoes and are to be attached permanently the pencil line that was drawn on the insole marking the edge of the inserts can be used to fit the inserts permanently in their correct places. 

Where are the inserts made?  The inserts are made in Canada. Manufactured by P.N.Farrar Inc. in Chambly, Quebec, and assembled and packaged in Ottawa. All workers are Canadian workers, working in a Canadian standards manufacturing place in the town of Chambly. I have visited the manufacturing facility several times. It is a family owned company, operated currently by the second and third generation of the Farrar family. The manufacturer creates various styles of shoe inserts, and insoles for many major companies in North America. 

 Killer Heels Comfort inserts are Made in Canada


How long do these high heel inserts last? 

Polyurethane (PORON tm) foam inserts, Killer Heels Comfort last a long time.  They continue to provide the same degree of shock absorbing springiness as the day they were bought for many months, or even years. You can easily get six months of daily use out of them without any visible crushing or loss of spring back quality. They will start to wear out before they 'bottom out'.   Infrequent users of the inserts will be able to get many years of wear from the same set of high heel inserts.  A strip of clear plastic tape on the front edge of the forefoot inserts will prevent wear, particularly in sports shoes or boots where a foot is pushed into the footwear horizontally.  If the foot is pushed into sports shoes without undoing the laces the front edge of the insert may roll or tear. The inserts are very fragile when they are not taped down. The permanent tape has a cotton core that helps keep the inserts from tearing.  

Can the inserts be cleaned?

The inserts can be cleaned in place if they are permanently glued down, with a damp paper towel and mild soap, and then patted dry with a paper or cloth towel. If the inserts are temporarily glued down they can be removed out of the shoes and washed like a sponge, and dried thoroughly before placing back in the shoes. If the permanent tape loosens during washing it should be air dried without touching the sticky surface and recombined with the inserts after drying. Fresh temporary glue squares should be put on the inserts after washing if the old ones have become dirty or don't stick anymore. 

Where are Killer Heels Comfort shipped from? Is shipping free?

The inserts are shipped in an envelope through Canada Post by regular mail. All orders leave Ottawa Monday through Friday, at 12:30 noon or at 5:00 PM depending on when an order was placed. Shipping is free to Canada. Shipping to the USA is by a flat rate of $3 US and to all other countries the flat rate is $5 US. The inserts are very lightweight at less than an ounce for the set so they ship by air. 

I can wear most high heels comfortably, my only problem is ‘toes overhang’, how can the inserts help me?

The high heel inserts I designed prevent your foot from sliding forward and keep your toes inside your shoes, where they belong. Your feet, in sandals or in peep toed shoes, will look aesthetically better, even if you are in the lucky 30% of percentage of women who can wear high heels with no discomfort. You will also have greater stability in walking or running in heels with the high heel inserts keeping your foot in place, even in the most strappy sandals.

 What advantage is there to using inserts over a complete insole to make high heels comfortable? 

Real estate is really scarce inside a high heel shoe. It is impossible to fit a full insole inside a normal fitting high heel shoe.  Most 3/4 gel insoles are too thick. They push the foot upward out of the shoe causing instability in high heels, plus unless they fit perfectly they will cause the foot to slide forward on the slippery surface, or they will press uncomfortably into the underside of the foot.   It is also not a good idea to have any additional height added under the heel, as this will make high heels more uncomfortable due to an increase in pitch of the ramp and more pressure on the ball of the foot. 

How much longer can I expect to wear my heels with the inserts? 

Most people can expect to increase the time that they are comfortable in heels when wearing shoes with inserts by a multiple of three or four.  The time you can wear your heels with the inserts is usually a function of the length of time you can comfortably wear them without inserts. From my personal experience, and that of some of my customers the time that an individual can wear heels comfortably with inserts will be about three or four times as long as they can wear the same well fitting heels without inserts. You should buy heels that fit you well or are a bit loose if you are between sizes -  never, never buy heels that are too tight. Outfit the heels right away with inserts before they have a chance to get distorted and stretched from wearing.  


Are the high heel inserts available in different colours and sizes?

The plain beige PORON high heel inserts can be covered in silk to be available in different colours. Each high heel insert set can be customized with a hand crafted silk covering in black, off white, silvery grey or gold colour silk to match the interior of your shoe or in bright prints to look pretty when your shoes are in your closet.  The inserts fit invisibly under the foot so they can be made in any colour at all just for fun. 

Currently the high heel inserts are in size medium that fits women's shoe sizes 7-10.  However there are plans to add a smaller insert for women's shoe sizes 5-7, and a larger insert for men's shoe sizes.

Can men use the inserts in their shoes?

Yes, men can use the inserts in any shoes that have a heel higher than two inches.  Many cowboy boots have two inch heels or more. Men’s dress boots or loafers that have a heavy heel and a thin bottom that will often have up to a two inch height difference between the heel area and the toe area of the shoe. Currently the size of the insert is for women's shoe sizes from 7 to 10.  Men's sizes will be made larger.  A man’s foot will slide forward when it is on an inclined plane as readily as a women’s foot.  Gravity doesn’t discriminate by gender!   Men can also use just the forefoot part of the inserts in any flats. 

Can I use the inserts in flat shoes or running shoes?

The forefoot part of the inserts set can be used in running shoes to keep the foot from being pushed forward by women or men.   The inserts are particularly useful when running or when walking on uneven terrain, or when walking downhill on  hiking trails.  If you don't like to have your laces tied tight, the inserts will keep your foot in place during vigorous walking or running. The inserts will keep your toes from pressing into the front of the shoe and causing pain. 

Will the inserts stop all foot pain that I have from wearing heels? 

No.  There are many factors that contribute to high heel pain.  Assuming that you have a  normal foot configuration, size 7-10, with no abnormalities of the bones or tissues you can wear high heels up to three inches without pain provided that the shoes fit you well and you outfit the shoe with PORON two part shaped inserts.  If you have normal sensitive feet, not unusually sensitive, you may be able to wear heels comfortably for up to four hours without having to stretch your feet and toes or take a short break from standing and walking.

 If your feet are smaller than size seven you will have to wear lower than 3 inch heels, if you want to be comfortable. The shorter the length of the foot the steeper the angle of the ramp will be in heels. Three inch heels on a size ten foot will have a gentle ramp angle, whereas the same three inch heels on a size five foot will have a very steep ramp angle.

 If you want to wear heels that are higher than three inches, such as four or five inch heels. then even with inserts, the amount of time you can wear them will be limited (it may be as short as a half hour) due to the steepness of the ramp as the height of heels goes up. After about three inches of heel pain will begin to originate in the ankle, plus in the foot. There is nothing that inserts can do to combat ankle pain.  The ankle pain is due to the extreme bending of the ankle into a position where the bones of the foot cannot align properly to support the weight of the body without pain. 

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes, email us at with your request.

High heel shoes of any style, from strappy sandals to closed in pumps or boots with heels over two inches in height can be cushioned and stablized with the two part foam cushion sets.

Shoes with heels less than two inches of any styles from slides to sports shoes for marathon runners can be effectively cushioned and stablized to stay on the foot with the one piece forefoot cushions.

PORON foam is hypoallergenic, breathable and is not made from latex. PORON foam has been used to cushion medical devices such as cushioning splints, prosthetic padding or neck braces due to it being non irritating, breathable, not allegenic and anti bacterial.

The foam used in the inserts and the adhesive tape that sticks them to insoles have been certified by a medical product testing lab as safe for skin contact

See more benefits of medical polyurethanes at:

  • long term comfort
  • Open-cell and breathable
  • Microcellular structure
  • Resistant to microbial growth


All products must be returned in unused condition in their original packaging within 30 days of receiving the order. 

Yes! We are pleased to announce we have worldwide shipping. Shipping times to the USA vary from 2 days (New York, NY) to 8 days. You may experience longer delivery times when shipping to areas further away from Canada or that have less air links from Canada such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama (8 days), California, West coast (5 days) Midwest (6 days) Shipping to Australia is 14 days, as is shipping to United Kingdom, Ireland and continental Europe. Shipping to the Middle East and Asia can take up to three weeks.

If you want to exchange your product, please reach out to our customer service team to provide further details and set up the return and exchange. I have had customers who bought inserts for high heels when they meant to buy them for flats and vice versa. Communications by email and exchages of products resolved the issues.

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