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How the ergonomic shoe inserts work - better!

The inserts are made according to a novel PATENTED ERGONOMIC DESIGN - patented in Canada in 2015, in Europe in 2017 and USA in 2019. The footwear inserts are CONTOURED to the bottom of the foot, have a TOE GRIP to stop crowding of the toes and to prevent forward slide of the feet, and are made from PORON, an open cell polyurethane foam material that REBOUNDS, is shock absorbing and never flattens in years of use cushioning feet. The high heeled footwear inserts are in two parts to fit any length of foot accurately.  All the inserts are custom fitted to each unique ball of the foot orientation to provide optimal foot cushioning comfort in the most space saving way. All the inserts are designed to allow for natural function of the toes for balance and propulsion to make walking easier and less tireing. All the inserts stablize the feet to stop forward slide - and in the process also stop heel gaps (and blisters) in closed shoes, and stop heel straps from falling down in sandals and sling backs. The inserts keep the heels of the feet in the heel end of shoes - where they are supposed to be - this is because they keep most of the weight of the wearer over the heels of their shoes. This is due to the physics of the design - not magic - although Killer Heels Comfort footwear inserts work like 'magic' according to many users!  And as a final design bonus the inserts are dry, hypoallergenic and 'invisible' inside even the strappiest open sandals. 


Poron foam HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS in two pieces provide comfort in three ways: 1: they cushion the ball of the foot with rebounding foam, 2: they have a toe grip to stop forward slide preventing toes crush, and 3: they stablize the feet in shoes to stop wobbly steps and allow you to walk normally in high heels. Walking in heels is made easier because the design of the toe grip allows for normal propulsion by the big toe and balance by the toes - the little toe and the big toe - on each side of the foot. Walking in high heels is also less tiring on the legs and feet in shoes that are stable and allow for normal toes function becuase your feet can relax while walking rather than gripping the shoe to try to maintain balance or to keep shoes on feet. 


There are no problems created by the high heel shoe inserts such as a poking into the underside of the arch or not working at all (a problem of most gel inserts for high arch or low arch feet) , or flattening into uselessness (a problem of ALL foam inserts and insoles except for those made of rebounding foam such as Poron foam 'Foot Petals' brand products), or bunching up under the feet or sliding out of place (a problem of ALL shoe inserts that have weak adhesive and can be easily moved from shoe to shoe).


The ball of foot Poron foam inserts for flats provide all the same functions as the two part inserts for high heeled footwear (1. cushioning, 2. stop forward slide, 3. provide foot  stablility) , but because they are for use in low heeled footwear there is less forward slide instability issues - in most shoes- and less pressure on the ball of the foot issues than in high heeled footwear.  However footwear stablity is a very important function of the inserts in sports shoes and boots that see vigorous foot action such as tennis shoes, work clogs, runners, hiking boots and ice skates. Sports footwear functions best when the footwear and the wearer move as one without foot wobble or foreward slide or side slip of the feet during vigoorus activity allowing the wearer to concentrate on their activity rather than on their feet ! Reliable cushioning that never flattens - in mile after mile of use - is very important for footwear used for a long time such as for long distance running or hiking or a day of shopping in malls, commuting or taking a long evening walk with loved ones  - or the dog. 


I have recently designed men's shoe inserts for flats and sports shoes in men's 8.5 size and larger, and will be selling them soon on my website and on and where I currently sell only smaller sized footwear inserts for flats. To date I have been helping mostly women have more comfortable feet in heels and flats so soon I want to be an equal opportunity shoe inserts provider for men too! (I have already sold ball of foot cushions to men who have relatively small feet for their dress shoes and sports shoes).
Killer Heels Comfort shoe inserts are not only for new shoes. They will extend the wearability of otherwise good old shoes or boots that have become loose, are thongs or slides that fall off, footwear that has lost its shape, or have old cushioning that has become hard and flat.


If footwear is comfortable to wear it will be worn more often and last a longer time in use keeping more footwear out of landfills and on your feet. This helps use less of the world's resources - and yours- and helps keep our planet greener and life sustainable. Thank you for doing your part for the planet by having your shoes become and stay wearable longer.

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