How It Works

About the Product

  • Two piece inserts fit all styles of high heels 2” and higher and all foot lengths and shapes
  • Fits precisely into hollows underfoot to hold back the foot without making shoes tight
  • Custom fit ensures ball of foot cushioning is at the greatest pressure point under the foot at the head of the middle metatarsal
  • Prevents crushed toes, pain from narrow toed pumps and stops ugly toes overhang
  • Front-of-heel insert helps keep weight at the heel end of shoe and stops heel gaps
  • The patented ergonomic design effectively stabilizes high heel shoes by holding the feet firmly between the forefoot insert and front-of-heel insert and adds no height under the heel
  • The forefoot insert fits under the three middle toes to preserve the normal functions of the big toes and little toes for propulsion and balance and normal walking gait in high heels
  • Poron offers high degree of shock absorption cushioning at targeted points underfoot
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable, and non slippery surface helps keep shoes on feet
  • Strong adhesive keep the inserts in place resisting hundreds of pounds of pressure
  • Neutral beige inserts are invisible underfoot and cannot be seen from any side or at the back so they can easily be worn in open-toe shoes, strappy sandals and open back mules
  • The forefoot piece is used alone in thong sandals, runners or hiking boots to stabilize foot
  • I inserts were invented and patented in Canada, and continue to be manufactured in Canada in Chambly, Quebec.