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7 BEST BALL OF FOOT PADS on AMAZON Ranked by Which Ones Work

7 Best Ball of Foot Cushions - Customers Tell All


Ball of foot pads and cushions should work to do four things: Cushion the ball of the foot; Stabilize the foot by stopping forward slide; Fit into shoes without crowding; and Stay inside the shoe, not fall out or crumple

 *12 Ball of Foot Cushion / Metatarsal Pad Customer Reviews Analyzed.  Comparisons are Between Customer Experiences from 600 Reviews and Twelve Sellers' Claims * (Last 5 of 12 products in the chart analyzed but not ranked due to strong possibility of fake reviews. All data collected from Amazon pages July 2019.)   


 Twelve ball of foot cushions from Amazon's top pages were analyzed using details from customer feedback in reviews. The SEVEN BEST were ranked 1-7.  Five ball of foot cushions could not be ranked due to an apparently high number of fake reviews for ball of foot cushions / metatarsal pads. All 5 with fake reviews were from China or had no country of origin. (See details of 'Caution' why five ball of foot cushions / metatarsal pads sold on Amazon and analyzed could not be ranked on pages 19 & 20. Forty percent of ball of foot cushions and metarsal pads had patterns of of fake reviews detected by scans on "ReviewMeta" website. ) 

 The Ball of Foot cushions/ Metatarsal pads were ranked on how well they worked to add foot comfort. Seller claims are compared with  customer reviews. Comparisons are made on Four Factors: 

1. Cushioning the ball of the foot;  2. Stopping forward slide to stabilize the foot in a shoe, 3. How well the inserts fit into a normal shoe without crowding the foot; and 4. How well the inserts stay in place without sliding or crumpling inside the shoe.   In the right side boxes of the table below the Four Factors are answered in order of: Good Cushioning? (Y/N) , Stops Forward  Slide/ Stabilizes  ? (Y/N) , Does not Crowd Foot ? (Y/N) & Stays in Place/ Sticks ? (Y/N)   

 Customers experiences and seller claims for many products do not match.  Ball of Foot cushions/metatarsal pads  often do not work as claimed. This can be viewed in "problems" and "benefits" in the table below. (Extracts from 600 customer reviews are divided into 'problems 'and 'benefits' for each product in 16 pages that follow tables)










To cushion the foot ball of foot pads use foam or solid polymers. The best cushioning is micro cellular foam that rebounds and is not slippery, followed by other firm polymer foams. The worst cushioning is flat, hard slick material. These materials are silicone gel, polyurethane (PU) gel or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is a combination of plastic and rubber.  If the gel, PU or TPE is a softer combination it provides a better cushion feel, however it flattens and 'bottoms out' quicker than a harder combination of polymers. None of the sellers provided information about the exact 'shore' hardness or softness of the firm polymers. It is impossible for a customer to know how the 'cushion' will feel until they buy it and try it out, and unfortunately for many products the customer reviews are unreliable because they are fake 'five star' reviews. Polymers are available in various combinations, some of which are very inexpensive such as some TPE ball of foot cushions that sell on Alibaba for 10 cents each.  The last three products in the table below from Dr Eagle, Pedi Soother Solutions and Walkize are made from plastic / rubber TPE.     

 To stabilize the foot and stop forward slide of the foot products use varying methods. Some products rely only on the surface friction of foam,such as #3. Mars Wellnesspolymer foam, and #5. Foot Petals–Fancy Feetmicrocellular foam.  Some products such as #1. Killer Heels Comfort rely on both the surface friction of microcellular foam, plus a physical barrier of a soft toe grip sculpted into the foam to stop forward slide. 

 Ball of foot cushions that are made out of hard material with a slippery surface stop foot slide with a hard ridgemoulded into the top of the cushion and surface texture –or both, to stop the foot from sliding forward. Products that have a hard ridge that goes across the ball of foot cushions from side to side, plus surface texture are by the brands *Dr Eagle Foot Care, *Walkize, and *Pedi Soother Solutions.

 Products that have only texture such as raised dots, lines or dimples to stop the foot from sliding forwards are #4 Foot Petals–Fancy Feet- gel, #7. Dr Scholls–Stylish Step,and *Ballotte.

 A cushion made of gel will have improved surface grip if it has a fabric covering. Product #2. Beautulipe, is gel with fabric covering. TPE ball of foot cushions may also have fabric covering in some versions.

 Clear smooth gel metatarsal cushions such as # 6. Zen Toes,and *Brison,rely on surface tack between damp skin and the gel of the cushion to stop forward slide if they are used in high heels.    

The products are ranked by how well they met this criteria on the four core claims.  See methodology p. 19  Unreliability of information from five Amazon product reviews is due to indications of fake reviews for those products at the time the reviews were copied from product listings on Amazon, July 8-16. ReviewMeta scans were done on all 12 products on July 21-22.Presence of unreliable reviews for the five products, with * beside them was confirmed. *Cautionsregarding 5 products reviews p. 19

 The ball of foot cushion products were analyzed in threes within four groups as below:

Group ONE: Ball of foot cushions made from microcellular PORON foam, and Polymer foam  

Group TWO: Ball of foot cushions made from Silicone Gel, PU (polyurethane gel

Group THREE:  Ball of foot cushions made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) PU, silicone gel, other

Group FOUR  Ball of foot cushions / metatarsal pads made from PU (polyurethane) gel, silicone gel, other

 Each of the 12 products is followed by a page or more of key phrases copied from its’ reviews. Only descriptive phrases were selected from reviews. These were sorted into lists of problems and benefits for each product recorded as direct quotes or paraphrases of what the customers had written.

 Group ONE: Ball of foot cushions made from microcellular PORON foam, and polymer foam      

 Ball of Foot Cushion Rebounding PORON Foam Toe Grip Stops Slide stabilizes Foot Ergonomic fit by Killer Heels Comfort

 Problems – Killer Heels Comfort

-fit best in middle range shoe sizes, can be trimmed

 Benefits - Killer Heels Comfort

- I had a pair of brand new shoes, the slide style that’s trending today, and I could not keep them on my feet. I’ve tried Dr Scholls gel inserts on other shoes and the gel is annoying to me. I found these inserts with Poron foam and it was like magic. My toes had something to grip so the uncomfortable 1 “ heel shoe I couldn’t wear was transformed into my favorite go-to every day pair. What a difference they made. I ordered 2 more pair; one is the high heel type since I have some heels that I dread wearing. I know I will buy more since these feel so natural on my foot and also give a few to my girls for unusual stocking stuffers. I should also add that the placement instructions that come with the product is thorough.

-exactly what I needed… Perfect! Keep my loose shoes from slipping and add some extra cushion.

-nice one… Exactly what I needed for open toe ankle heels. They stick well but are very soft

-great product… Saved my feet from sliding! Very comfortable pads!,

 Foot Petals Fancy Feet Ball-of-Foot Cushions - Cushioned Ball of Foot Inserts for High Heels and Other Uncomfortable Shoes by Foot Petals

 Problems – Foot Petals, foam

-did absolutely nothing to help my foot keep from sliding in a pair of beautiful, high-heeled pumps

-wore a pair of them for not even a full day. It tore straight across and created a blister on the bottom of my foot at that spot of the tear. I would have been better off not wearing anything on my shoes at all! Also only a tiny square of adhesive is on the bottom to hold them to your shoes. These are defective. 

- theyr’e very thin. cant even feel them in my shoe. they are the thickness of bandaids and only have a small patch of glue in the center so the edges move when I put my feet in my heels

-they did not make a difference

-Works well but could be slightly larger and the adhesive could be larger so it won't move. It has helped my feet a lot.

- As expected is thin not thick

 Benefits – Foot Petals, foam


-feels great works well

-so good…Make every shoe more comfortable.

-amazing for your feet…I have bad plantar fasciitis and in general can't handle heels well. These inserts help me last literally 2-3 hours longer than I would otherwise (which is only 1-2 hours to begin with)

-Very comfortable and fit as expected making the balls of my feet not hurt.

-It's very thin cushion, but I couldn't fit any other pads without making my shoes super tight.

-I needed these for my heels

-Going to order more and put these in all my shoes!

-go to product!

- oh what a relief… These foot cushions really keep my feet from getting sore

- Great product…very comfortable and soft

-cushions adhered to the ball of foot area of shoe easily. Made a huge difference in comfort.

- Doesn’t stick very well. Otherwise very comfy

  Metatarsal Firm Tan Foam Foot Pad Skived - 1/4" Thick - 6 Pairs (12 Pieces)


 Problems – Mars Wellness

-release liner on the back of the pads which is designed to be torn off to expose the adhesive is very difficult to remove…no adhesive exposed…waste of money

- These metatarsal pads are ok...a little on the large/thick side. I did not find them particularly comfortable…feel more like a lump under my foot. Don't feel that supportive

-  feet take a beating (working on concrete every day)…pads do help, but actually do not work for re-use unless taped on…feel great while he is wearing them, but they adhere so strongly (the first wear) that they pull his skin and hurt to remove.

 Benefits – Mars Wellness

-(bought these for my husband) help relieve some of his pain in the balls of his feet. He has stated that they are helping him so much!

- Easy to use and a good value.

- These really help keep the pain under control for my Morton's toe. Stick well to insoles...

I purchased the foam pad product to use in my workout shoes because I was having pain in my right foot. The pads have helped. They stick well… planning on using one(for high heels) as well. Since I have discomfort when I wear heels, too.

- added a lot of comfort to shoes. They are not so big that shows ( become too tight …your foot does not stick to them. Comfortable.

-relieves foot pain… They work as promised to relieve pain and get me through the day very comfortably. 

- podiatrist recommended using these pads for (painful foot problem)…their use in his shoe has essentially eliminated the pain.

 Group TWO: Gel ball of foot cushions

 Ballotte-Ball of Foot Cushions - Premium Extra Soft Metatarsal Pads for Women - Rapid Pain Relief for Any Shoes Inserts by Ballotte

 Problems - Ballotte

-it does not help comfort…bought (these) to relieve pain in high heels…heels continue to hurt me

-comfortable but keep slipping off...getting stuck to other things
-uncomfortable, didn’t stick to my shoes after one day of wearing them

-adhesive only worked for a week or so

-need the cushion to be softer and thicker

-doesn’t work for me…didn’t see a difference in comfort

-very small...(too small) if you have big feet

-didn’t work, not even a little

-had to remove them…very uncomfortable

-I wore these with really tall heels…I feel these did not help at all…even doubled them up and they still did not help

-too thick to use… in my 5 inch heels or peep toe heels because the gel was too thick…gel is a bit slippery but was easy to place

-didn’t do a thing…my feet were on fire within 10 minutes of wearing my heels

-they help some, but would be much more helpful if I had been able to get them placed correctly

-didn’t work, pain within 30 minutes

-The concept/idea is good but it doesn't meet the mark in execution as it does not stay in place and tends to move/bunch up in the front of your shoe. Also tends to make the shoe box tighter.

-had to take my heels off in the beginning of a wedding…didn’t help comfort my feet at all

-not as soft…uncomfortable to wear

-Save your money. Not the hype they making it out to be. Still slides in my shoes

-pretty thin, could have used 3x the thickness

- Won’t ease the pain of a moderate neuroma

-ok…they work...don’t last long, only a week if you wear high heels everyday

-(in) expensive, beautiful high heeled pumps…. had to place them more towards the middle of the shoe or they pinch my toes, making the toe box of the shoe too small…not perfect… still slide a bit...

-you may need to go up a half size (to wear these)

-doesn’t ease all the pain…but definitely better than nothing

-  I wish is that they lasted longer…they gave out support within 30 days.

 Benefits - Ballotte

-very comfortable…feet more relaxed

-very comfortable, helped my feet a great deal in heels

-love them

-very nice

-excellent item

-fine for a little cushioning in heels, flats and walking shoes. 

-made a pair of unwearable shoes wearable, very pleased

-helps with high heels


-I like it

-fits into my shoes

-this foot cushion is very soft and comfortable…I use it with my heels…walking in heels is so much better

-it’s very comfy…good for someone whose feet hurt pretty fast in heels…pleased by there being less tension

-perfect for my heels…stayed in place all day…made a huge difference in comfort

-made wearing my heels possible again

-they do what they are supposed to do

-  at the end of the day…feet were still a little sore but not nearly how they normally feel after a day in heels

-worked well

- sleek…don’t distort the fit of your shoe…enough gel to provided comfort…wore a pair of heels all day …in presentations…that I previously (without inserts) was unable to tolerate for more than two hours

-inserts make my shoes feel more comfortable

-great foot savers

-work great in my sandals…foot always slides forward in heeled sandals

-makes wearing high heels bearable

-provides reliable relief from foot pain

-good product…difficult to place these just right

- I wear high heels at work for 7 hrs standing and walking. This is such a great help

-made getting through the day in heels easier

-eliminates the pain…when wearing high heel shoes for hours…

-comfy...convention heels…significantly abated the issue (of feet aching within a short period of time)

-giving me the cushioning I need in my pumps

-put in a pair of pumps for a wedding…super comfortable


-work well but nothing crazy…help with pain

-pads stay in place and are comfortable

-they stay put even with a lot of walking

-good foot cushion for making heels just a little bit more comfortable

-made an uncomfortable pair (Nike runners)…fit so much better I was able to walk around all day

- normally I would experience discomfort (at meetings where I do a lot of walking), but just try to get through it. With the addition of these gel inserts I was able to walk around with ease. 

- this insert doesn't move around while I'm walking…fits perfectly so there aren't any edges that I feel making them feel uncomfortable…provide cushioning but not too thick to make your shoes feel tight

- they make the shoes more comfortable plus if the shoes have open toes the pads keep your foot from sliding forward so far that your toes stick over the edge.

-just ok…they don't provide a ton of relief, but it's better than nothing.

-I wish it was a little more cushy…helps some, but could be thicker

- worked wonders with the sky-high boots…for NYE's…still had a little pain...but it was tolerable

- these work fine but it takes a little getting used to. They can also make the shoe tighter

- I had some heels which were comfortable, but could be just a little better. This provided a good amount of cushion but didn't take up too much space in the shoe

- doesn’t fit several of my shoes and I can feel them when I walk, but it does help somewhat on the sore feet. 

-it’s one solid piece with slight skid marks in gel to keep foot from sliding. I haven’t walked a distance yet…fit is awesome. I’m relieved that I can wear heels again?

-much less pain during and after wearing heels. I can't comment on their longevity… 

-even helps in low heeled shoes… puts a spring into my step. I carry extra pairs and change them about every 5 hours

-made otherwise uncomfortable shoes tolerable for an extended time

- slip a little when worn all day while walking around. But the comfort they provide is great…going to try some additional adhesive to keep them in place

- I got these for the most painful shoes (stilettos, approx 3.5”, pointed toe) I have ever worn. They look pretty but leave the balls and the sides of my feet in agony. These cushions relieve the ball part of the pain pretty well. I wish they had something for the sides

- pads have anti-slip bumps on the them. Others usually don't have that, which makes my foot still slide after a few hours. These allow my feet to not slide even after a long day of walking in them

- easy to use product. I like the way these protect the back of my heel in my shoes. The front pad was a little difficult to place in my closed toe shoes

- peep toe shoes that was a half size too big. I was slipping forward too much which made the shoe look bigger. Put these jiggly inserts in and they fit better. The shoes are still uncomfortable 

- I feel more STABLE wearing my heels with this ball of foot product

-It seems a little tight but I have a small foot, I was afraid to order next size that it won't fit my foot.

- helps relieve pressure in the ball of foot, which is common for Morton's neuroma.

- product but makes my tight shoes even tighter so it doesn’t work well for me…for women with normal size…feet

- help my Morton’s neuroma feel better

 Dr. Scholl's BALL OF FOOT Cushions for High Heels (1 Pair) // Relieve and Prevent Ball of Foot Pain from High Heelsby Dr. Scholl's

Problems - Dr Scholls

-adhesive didn’t stay for even 20 minutes

-wanted to slip forward (while placing them)

-they don’t stay if you are doing any amount of walking

-waste of money…it does absolutely nothing

-pad comes off and stops sticking

-thought my foot would not slip to end of shoe but still does

-feet still slide and my feet still hurt when I wear high heels

-didn’t make any difference

-don’t stick well…kept slipping in my shoe

-it’s like having rocks under the balls of your feet

-kind of thick…made my shoes feel too snug

-didn’t stick...too small…didn’t stay in place

-thick in your shoe, but do cushion

-made my shoes more uncomfortable

-feel nice on the foot…but doesn’t prevent pain…standing in a wedding party for hours…my feet still hurt like crap

-comfortable but they don’t stick very well…anytime I’d take my heels off they would fall right out

-small…(if you are) size 8 order the bigger size

-they made it more uncomfortable

-difficult to place in an ankle bootie

-do not stick…needed these to keep my feet from sliding forward…adhesive is virtually non-existent (pads fall out of shoes)…making open toed shoes impossible to use these for

-overall didn’t really help, feet still hurt after about an hour of using them

-feels like I don’t have the insert in…just a piece of hard plastic almost…felt no different than when I wore the shoe without

-they work but make your shoe feel a little tight

-they did the trick at the time but didn’t stay in place

-most women shoes are already too tight…this will make the problem worse…raises the foot…crunches the toes…if you wear looser shoes this is a godsend

-put them in and the first time I wore my boots they moved, very uncomfortable…had to take them out

 Benefits - Dr Scholls

-3” shoes…made all the difference in relieving pressure on the balls of my feet

-feels comfortable

-comfortable for the feet

-perfect for days when need to stand for a long period of time

-confort…worth every penny

-have multiple pairs…swap them out in all my heels…really help…I like that they aren’t permanent…replace them once or twice a year

-helped in the comfort of the heeled shoes

-comfortable…exactly as described

-quick and easy fix for pointed toe heels

-awesome to help my pumps stay just snug enough while providing the comfort I need to wear them for hours

-shoes that were a little too big...keeps them on

-good if you need to ‘narrow’ shoes you own

-I bought these because the padding on my feet is almost gone…ok…not the miracle I was looking for to relieve pain while walking

-as expected


-get the job done

-they work, takes the pressure off when you wear high heels

-works well with open toe high heels…really good cushion for the ball of the foot

-super comfortable…make even my most uncomfortable heels wearable…these really did the trick (re ball of foot pain)…one of them lost their stickiness…it moves around

-not the greatest, but definitely good…sticky on the pad isn’t very good…pad slides down in my pumps when I put my foot in…wavy bits feel nice…good for a few hours on my feet…my toes still squish and slide into the tippy front of my pumps…thin...(can be) used in shoe that has a tighter fit

-not as thick as I would like…gives relief so better than nothing…I use in sandals & flats,  not heels

-super comfortable…keeps my feet from sliding

-provide enough cushion (in loose, all day wear heeled ankle boots) to allow me to stay on my feet instead of changing into flats as the afternoon evening wears on…the cushion is just squishy enough to provide a soft surface… without being so big that it makes my shoes tight

-gets the job done

-palms of my feet doesn’t hurt as much

-love…seriously make a difference

 Foot Petals Fancy Feet Gel Cushions - Cushioned Ball of Foot Inserts for High Heels and Other Uncomfortable Shoes   by Foot Petals  

 Problems – Foot Petals, gel

-didn’t work for me

-doesn’t always stick

-felt no different in comfort

-feet were still hurting…kept sliding

-the product kept moving within my shoe

-little dots on the inserts started feeling like they were stabbing into my feet…I had to take them out of my heels

-didn’t help me…I have a callous on the ball of my foot due to a hammer toe…still painful

-felt like I had something in my shoe while I was walking…way too thick

-comfy but didn’t really do the trick for 3 inch heels

-moves around the shoe

-foot still hurt with a 3” heel on

-not soft…not a good cushion for the balls of feet

-kept sliding around making my shoes more uncomfortable

-very think (sp. thick)…mashed my toes agaisnt (sp. against) the top of the shoe

-not what I expected

 Benefits – Foot Petals, gel

-shoes fit better

-very soothing to my feet

-not good for slip resistance…does make a difference in terms of comfort

-really help make your highest heels comfortable…dance…stand around…not be in agony…not so thick they affect the fit of your shoe

- excellent product for sandal platform heels – helped my feet stay in place without slipping …some cushion

-okay…works well enough for its purpose

-great value for the price

-relieved pain…ball of my left foot

-perfect except for “sticky” wears out over time

-make a difference in wearing high heels…for the better

-really helpful

-worked for me

-worked good for my wedge heels …no slipping…stayed in place all night

-must have for heels…stay in place

-good…gel is comfortable to walk on

-they won’t prevent sore feet but they definitely help (tall and heavier woman)…stop against slipping when wearing high heels…don’t recommend reusing

-fits perfectly…can be used over and over…

-help with tired achy feet…help with feet sliding forward when wearing high heels

-life saver…makes heels I thought I would never wear again wearable…really helps prevent pain when wearing heels

-confused on where to put them

-great…so much better than the Dr Scholls variety…

-worked perfectly…I needed protection only on the ball of my foot

-worked great…still not tired…would have been more sore if I didn’t have these…

-love this with flat shoes

-solved the problem of my slides sliding off the foot…right cushion for ball of foot…mid height heel

-makes…too roomy wedges fit better

-comfortable…after wearing them a while my feet would start to slip a little since they’re silicone…feel like the little dots are stabbing me…I can take a little while in heels..2 hours…

-thick and absorbs the shock on the balls of your feet

-open toe shoes…my toes came out…I put the gel ball in…no more toes on the ground

-make the shoe (high heels) fit a little tighter so that I can comfortably walk in shoes (I buy extra long high heels to accomodate wide feet)

 Group THREE:  Ball of foot cushions PU (polyurethane) gel, TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) gel, silicone gel


Medical Gel Forefoot Shoe Insole Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions for Women High Heels to Pain Relief, 2 Pairs by Dr.Eagle Foot Care

Problems –Dr Eagle

-not comfortable…they did absolutely nothing for me

-uncomfortable but it did prevent my foot from slipping forward

-helped with wearing heels, the ridges just feel funny

-the most uncomfortable insoles ever made…ridge thing…makes the insole even worse

-do not adhere to the inside of a shoe

-I still had the burning pay (sp. pain ) after wearing heels four hours

-didn’t work

-prevents my slim foot from slipping…the bumps on the cushions are so uncomfortable and a bit painful 

- caused more pain than I already had because they wouldn’t stay in place

-it burns the bottom of my feet

-too thick to use on women’s heels unless shoes are two sizes bigger

-impossible to place inside high heel boots

-not reusable

-very hard to get into the right spot, and just very hard

-raised area that goes between your toes and the ball of your foot can be super uncomfortable if it is too far back or forward…okay but definitely not the level of comfort I was looking for…I ended up taking my shoes off…couldn’t handle the pain

-tried multiple times to get them to a spot that didn’t feel strange...unsuccessful…would be helpful to know some best practices

-easy to use, but came off easy too

-hard to place, uncomfortable

-helped my toe not slide down as much in my open toe Loubs

-it works but nothing special

-didn’t make any shoes more comfortable

-sticks to inside of shoe…lasts about 2.5 months

-textured (on top)…impossible to positon them correctly in boots…harder to remove

-useless…didn’t help with foot pain…wrinkled after ten minutes

-uncomfortable…I don’t like the extra stuff on the middle

-extra padding in the front…was uncomfortable for me

-don’t buy this. These are useless…bought them to make my shoes more comfortable…made them worse…because of the added thickness… in the high heel the straps become tight and I lost feeling in my toes for over a month

-not too comfy. It could have been thinner

-you have to get them just right else there is pain. Wouldn’t buy these again…recommend to…perhaps an enemy lol…

-didn’t work, uncomfortable

-impossible to positon. Not comfortable because it is impossible to line them up with my foot

-did not work… ripped off the sole

-pain to find the right place…because it has toe placement ridges if you don’t stick it right it gives you more pain when you walk…don’t recommend for closed toe shoes/ high heels

-pads are a bit to (sp. too) thick for my shoes

-I do not like the line between the toes, they were uncomfortable


-make my dress shoes too tight

-she (daughter) complained of pain

-difficult to place in the shoe

-not as described

-I could not get them to fit comfortably… due to the raised part of the pad I feel like I have something in my shoe when walking. Very uncomfortable

-wasted my money…does not help relieve pain

-ridge…sticks up just below your toes making them more uncomfortable than the shoes/boots you’re buying them for

-not comfortable

-not great to work with on my semi high heels

-didn’t stick very well

-don’t stay in the shoe

 Benefits - Dr Eagle

-so comfy


-wear all day my feet did not get hurt

-works like it should, stays in place

-helps my tired feet

-super comfy

-so comfortable

-I didn’t get any metatarsal pain and I was able to walk much longer (in heels) with less breaks

-provide a nice cushion for your feet. It makes a huge difference

-cushion the calluses on my toes…prevent my feet slipping out of clogs (open at the back)

-make wearing heels better

-I can wear some amazing heels without killing my feet


-so far these feel great (in marathon shoes)

-old ladies can wear high shoes again

-they’re ok, a little too stiff

-comfy and supportive

-reusable, comfortable

-easy to put on, very comfortable

-no pain since I bought this product

-these work. But they take up significant space in your shoe

-wore them for 8 hours…toes were going to fall off in the last hour

-pad is just enough for those shoes with a thinner sole

-thin so it doesn’t take up space …cushiony enough so the ball of my feet don’t hurt

-served the purpose

-comfortable and cushiony for heels. Amazing for standing and walking in heels all night

-provide additional padding to the metatarsal

-works…helps keep the toes from flaring

-amazed how much better my foot feels in my new (hiking) shoes

-glad I found these


-good shoe cushions. The pads are very cushiony and make walking in the boots very easy…the pads provide comfort and are staying in place well so far

-I’m able to wear my heels longer throughout the night because of them

-helped my feet from slipping down

-exactly what I needed for my heels

-they worked well 

PEDI SOOTHER SOLUTIONS -Metatarsal Pads-High Heel Cushion-Forefoot Pad-Non Slip Shoe Inserts-Ball of Foot Pads-Metatarsal Cushion by PEDI SOOTHER SOLUTIONS

 Pedi Soother Solutions – problems  

-made my shoes tight…while alleviating one pain it added a different kind

-they provide no comfort at all

-very uncomfortable

-can’t use them. My feet won’t fit into my heels with this on

-not very comfortable, does not stay stuck to shoe

-uncomfortable…in two pairs of shoes

-still caused my feet to slide forward

-gel a bit slippery for my liking as a woman who wears pantyhose…they serve the purpose but not the best choice

-did not work for my foot pain

-made the shoes even more uncomfortable

-it helped…(should be) more gelish

-bought these to keep my feet from sliding forward, not a good fix at all

-the little toe support bump can hurt after a while Felt great for a while but started to hurt after a few hours

-the material makes my feet sweat…my feet slip around in my shoes…the little wavy things on the pad then rubbed skin off the balls of my feet

-because my heels were 5 inches, my foot slid everywhere in those shoes

 Pedi Soother Solutions - Benefits  

-it makes my high heel shoes more comfortable

-very useful and comfy…adhesive loosens when not worn but does reapply

-easy to put in, seems comfortable

-very comfortable

-very comfortable to use

-cushion is soft, I like the way it feels

-they hold well…but you need a shoe up one size

-nice pads…keeps you from sliding all over the place

-good foot cushion pads

-very comfortable and soft silicon cushions

-prevents foot from sliding forward as it also sticks just a little bit to your foot

-no slipping, no sliding…my feet did not hurt after wearing my new shoes for 6 hours

-saved me from wounds on my legs

-they make my shoes (high heels) so much more comfortable…stick good and don’t slide all around

-comfortable and make wearing high heels bearable

-these were perfect for my high heels

-they alleviated the pain in the balls of my feet

-just what I needed to alleviate foot pain and keep your foot from sliding into the toes of high heeled  shoes/boots

-they help keep my feet from slipping and they cushion my foot

-great for narrow feet, because they build up the shoe

-these cushion pads work rather well…makes my fashionable boots more comfortable

-extremely comfortable, very …easy to install helped to keep my foot from moving to the front of my shoes

-I put these in my heels and I can actually wear them for more than 2 hours before my feet start hurting

-they keep my feet from sliding forward

-work great

-does ease pressure on the ball of my foot in very high heels

-love love love them  If you wear heels like I do on a daily basis this is your saviour

-I have a problem with metatarsal and these help with the pain…thin enough to fit comfortably in my shoes

-no more paul (sp. painful) feet issue

-I put it in my shoes and my feet doesn’t go…forward 

WALKIZE-Metatarsal Pads | Metatarsal Pads for Women | Ball of Foot Cushions (2 Pairs Foot Pads) All Day Pain Relief and Comfort One Size Fits Shoe Inserts for Women byWalkize  

 Problems- Walkize

-sorta disappointed

-didn’t fit in my high heels properly…and hurt my feet worse

-didn’t like them

-uncomfortable…would be great if your shoes are too big…if they fit right in terms of size you’re going to have rubbing on the top of your foot which is super uncomfortable

-soft but doesn’t add cushion

-put these on some fashion nova heels and was ready to take off my heels in 2 minutes after standing in them…they literally did nothing for me

-don’t waste your money Doesn’t help at all

-wish they were wider and came with install instruction

-these legitimately made my shoes less comfortable

-too big for my shoes

-will cause blisters…completely changed the size of my open-toed shoes…I have 2 inch gashes on the sides of my big toes. My feet have never been in more pain. Didn’t help the balls of my feet be more comfortable

-not sure why all the good reviews but this product didn’t work for me. Very thin and provide no support

-waste of money…it’s not sticky

-it is quite raised my front foot a bit too much making my strap by my toes cut in… comfort wise, good…not for closed toes with a strap

-the pads have a raised area that hits right under the metatarsal area…this raised area really makes my foot hurt worse after just a few minutes of standing on it

-fell out after a few hours

-didn’t help my foot pain

-bought these to wear in heels for…dancing…was disappointed. They did not make my shoes comfortable, or somewhat comfortable

-I bought these because of the great reviews…it was awful experience…I experienced so much pain that I wouldn’t have if I just wore the heels by itself… the pads cut off the blood flow to my toes…I was bridesmaid…I had to wait two hours with so much pain (until I was able to remove the cushions, and get relief)...after two days my toes are numb

-expected more comfort and cushion

-difficult to get correct placement for comfort (in boots)

-don’t leave quite enough room in some of my shoes

-you gotta place them just right or else their more painful than it was without them

-doesn’t stay in place, sticks to my feet, very thin too

-I tried three different shoes and they made all my shoes too tight

-did not like them. Kept sliding

-these are absurdly small

-wrinkle, very uncomfortable. Not soft enough

-don’t buy into the reviews. They add a little cushion but they also add height making your shoe tighter

-didn’t help me. I have narrow feet and hoped these would help keep my feet from sliding

-weren’t comfortable to stand on. There’s a small ridge where the balls of your feet are supposed to rest and it dug into my feet

-I expected something a little better

-did not provide any comfort

-soft but not good fit

-slipped off my shoe

 -thinner than I expected…also it hurt my feet

-I thought this would absorb some shock …I was just better off with my feet hurting naturally

-not one size fits all…-too small for a size 11

-tried them on a night out (with Cuban heel boots)…after a few hours my feet were in so much pain…the pads had some cushion to them – (it appeared that the cushions) just can’t take the pressure after some time…placing these are very difficult (in boots)

-don’t stay put…don’t provide much cushion

-not a lot of padding…barely helps in 4-6 inch heels

-after every use I find that they have slid around

-not as comfortable as I hope for

-definitely needed more cushion

-I felt little to no difference vs not wearing them (or wearing them)

-works pretty good but gel always makes me feel unstable

-adhesive does not last long


-these (nude colour) were the most uncomfortable inserts I have ever used …my feet hurt more with the inserts than without them

-it helps but not enough

-the pads are still a little bit thin…comfy in the first 15 mins and then turns to torturing afterwards…and the little bumps is hurting so much

-they are pretty thick so it raised my toes against the strap of my shoe…because of the strap issue, I didn’t wear them

-these were too thick for me to wear them with the heels that I wanted

-tough to position in a bootee or a shoe that laces

-so thick that they make my sandals too tight

-painfully hard to walk on

-so thin. Kind of helps

-pads are too thick, makes my pumps too tight

-made things worse…these made my shoes less comfortable

-gave my feet blisters…these foot pads made walking worse…made walking excruciating

-did help with discomfort but were too thick…they made my shoes tight

-did not work on my high heel sandals…thin, does not have too much cushion…foot kept slipping forward. It was actually painful…not at all comfortable

 Benefits – Walkize

-make heels more comfortable

-gel for heels. Great

-stayed in heels, help relieve pressure

-fantastic alternative

-I didn’t get that numbing feeling in my toes

-helped with the comfort

-really comfortable

-very comfortable

-comfort is amazing, I can wear my heels longer

-pads the cushion of my foot

-best feet pads

-worn over 20 times….just as comfortable as when I first got them

-wedges…I can actually wear them all day without my feet killing me

-I am not a heel wearer…these make them tolerable

-I was able to wear my shoes to church without worrying about my feet sliding

-fine…relieved some of the pressure on the balls of my feet

-my shoes were very comfortable although the heel was not very high

-it helped to stop the pain I was having in my feet…very comfortable

-they didn’t feel bulky…they felt very natural

-these pads actually work

-really great…stay in place…very comfortable

-balls of my feet felt great after a night out

-no burning or anything uncomfortable going on (in heels after 2 hours)

-you definitely get extended wear in your heels with these

-the ball of my feet are the first and painful thing to hurt…these are so comfy…they helped with sweating and my foot sliding too

-love them…super comfortable...stay in place

-great…they were fabulous

-great for high heels…keep my foot from sliding down…provided comfort for ball of my foot

-comfy…I have foot pains almost every day…these really help take some of the edge off

-comfort grip for all shoes…like walking on air…lived the product

-loved them…I had to stand up all night and they held perfectly…

-very comfortable…great product…very comfortable

-recommended…I was overall satisfied

-worth it, makes a huge difference…very comfortable and soft...trouble alinging it in my booties

 Group FOUR  gel metatarsal ball of foot cushions

 ZenToes Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions Adhere to Shoes for Neuroma, Metatarsalgia Pain Relief – 4 Pack (2 Pairs) by ZenToes

 Problems – Zen Toes

-don’t stay in place, slide around

-did nothing but increase the pain, very uncomfortable “bubble” prohibits walking

-did not stick well…did not relieve any pain

-hard to place, adhesion can be an issue

- made my ball of foot pain much worse

-pad rolls itself into a ball…makes the original problem worse than ever

-feel like there is a bump on my foot

-these are thin and give little support

-when walking they don’t stay in place

-hurts the ball of the foot…relieves toe pressure

- wished …stuck more without moving

-made my problem worse…did not work at all

-rolls when you insert your foot into the shoe

-no help, no relief for foot pain  Did not do the job

-didn’t stick in shoe. Moved by the end of mile jog

-too thin no relief whatsoever for neuroma area

-doesn’t seem to do the job

-hard to find correct position, made pain worse

-not functional, horrible foot pain (translated from Spanish)

-slips on foot…doesn’t work well

-did absolutely nothing


-too thick

-move around

-made it more uncomfortable

-made foot pain worse

-adhesion problem

-didn’t work…my foot hurt more after using the pads

 Benefits – Zen Toes

-bulky, but helps with neuroma problem

-able to play tennis… without pain…(product does not) …stay in place

-pads are very comfortable and alleviate pain in the ball of my feet…but pads shift in my shoes

-very good in right spot

-works great…with right placement

-great product for morton’s neuroma

-great product…felt relief

- ball of my foot doesn’t have near the discomfort...takes some adjustment to fit it right

-comfortable & helpful…hard to tell exactly where to adhere it

-great comfort for my neuroma

-works great…has stayed put

-pads helped tremendously

-my feet feel much better

-product works great to take pressure off callus

-helped get more life out of shoes that otherwise would be uncomfortable

-can walk further…without throbbing pain

-very comfortable

-definitely work…for half marathon

-pain in the ball of my foot and toes…pads helped tremendously

-after using for a few days…my feet feel much better

 Ball of Foot Cushions for Women High Heel - 3 Pairs (6 Pieces) - Soft Gel Insole Metatarsal Pads Shoe Inserts - Mortons Neuroma Callus Metatarsal BRISON

 Problems - Brison

-they are OK, slightly uncomfortable to wear

-poor quality

-a real disappointment….they just didn’t feel right

-better off without. My feet still hurt. A waste of money

-don’t waste money. Junk

-did not make hard, uncomfortable soles wearable

-2” heel shoes…noticeably more uncomfortable after I applied pads…3” heels more comfortable with pads in the beginning…end of 8 hours day I could not stand to have them in my shoes

-they are sticky but not comfortable at all

-uneven surface is uncomfortable

-2.5” booties…after a couple of hours my toes still hurt

 Benefits -Brison

-I can wear whatever heel I want


-perfect for new heels…a lifesaver

-surprisingly good

-made my 6 inch heels very comfortable

- easy to use…able to save a number of pairs of shoes

-keeps the pain away

-they worked like a charm…in very uncomfortable wedges

-my feet still hurt after a long day…but the pads definitely helped

- very comfortable…easy to use

-easy to use…have proven comfortable

-walk better and stay comfortable in high heels

-great for feet…feel really good

-not the most superior cushions but they did the job

-right amount of support and stick…keepers

-keeps the pain away when wearing them

- soft and comfortable…do not slide around…gel cushiony part is thick

-help with my feet and are very supportive

-much needed cushion to the ball of the foot

-make cute shoes that hurt your feet wearable

-super soft…couldn’t tell they were there

-so comfortable no pain wearing high heels…stayed in place

-support provided even with silicone and the padding is great and gives comfort to the feet

-the cushion is thick enough to shift the pressure on the foot …not so thick that it is painful

-make walking in heels so much more comfortable

 Beautulip - Ball of Foot Cushion Metatarsal Pad Adhesive Forefoot Pad - Soft Gel Ball of Foot Pads... bBeautulip

 Problems – Beautulip

-not comfortable for me

-not comfortable, may have been the thickness of it…Ouch with it on

-cushion part feels like it should be built up more

 Benefits - Beautulip

-pads allow comfort without taking up so much room my shoes too tight

-so comfortable…best metatarsal pads I have found

-like walking on a cushion

-couple of lumps on the ball of the foot…provided the absolutely perfect protection

-best for neuroma relief, not really cushioning

-they did give support and help fill out my shoes

-great product. These worked wonderful…sandals

-keep my feet from sliding around in my sandals…add comfort as well

-open toe booties…made them the most comfortable shoes

-helped make my high heeled sandals a lot more tolerable

-provided cushion…helped my shoes feel more secure on my feet

-very cushioned and soft

-right amount of cushion…appreciate that these stay in place

-material covering keeps your feet cooler…wish they where s a little bigger


 Methodology of the Ranking System

Each customer review was examined and key phrases extracted. The extracted phrases from each of the 12 products were sorted into ‘Problems’ and ‘Benefits’ lists.    Product reviews were analyzed for what the customer specifically wrote in their own words regarding the product they had bought, how they had used it, details about their experiences and their views of the product effectiveness.  The total numbers of all reviews were accounted for and used in the creation of a rating system. The rating system assesses how closely each ball of foot cushion performs as viewed against the claims made by the seller of the product.

 Details of the Ranking System

The 7 rated products were each assigned a minus numerical rating that ranked them as to how effectively they each met their sellers’ claims in the feedback of the products customers.  The ranking is the gap stated numerically between the sellers’ claims and the collective customer experience. The ranking is expressed in negative numbers. Every product received a negative number, indicating that no sellers’ claims were fully met by every customer of the product.

 The rating system assigned values to the ‘stars’ that the product had on Amazon. The stars were assigned a negative value of -1/2 for each four star, -2 for each three star, -3 for each two star, and -4 for each one star. A five star value is 0.  The minus’s added up were divided by the total number of reviews for each product to create a minus number that was assigned to the product.  The five products whose reviews could not be relied on to be credible were not rated. They are listed alphabetically after the 7 Ball of Foot cushions that are ranked #1- #7.    


 *Cautions: The analysis of how well or how poorly each product performed is based on comparing seller claims with feedback from customer reviews. All product reviews from were collected between July 8 and July 16. Analysis of the products reviews was completed by July 20.  Suspicions had been raised about various anomalies during the analysis such as spikes in 5 star reviews with many dozen occurring over very short periods of time such as one week, homogeneity of the style and words used by customers in their reviews, repetition of words in headings including a product where 30% of reviews headings included the same word.

 After the analysis of the 12 products was completed they were all scanned for possible ‘fake’ reviews with ReviewMeta, a scanning software tool July 21 and 22.  Seven product scanning results were a “PASS” but unfortunately it became apparent that 4 of the 12 products under review had indicators of possible fake product reviews according to the scan readout and their scan results were a “FAIL”. Therefore the 4 products could not be ranked with the others. The four products with a ‘FAIL’ are listed in alphabetical order. A fifth product was added later to the list of products whose reviews could not be depended on for other reasons.  The 4 products suspected of having fake reviews after a scan by ReviewMeta are: 

Ballotte-  Ball of Foot Cushions - Premium Extra Soft Metatarsal Pads for Women - Rapid Pain Relief for Any Shoes Inserts  by Ballotte

Brison - Ball of Foot Cushions for Women High Heel - 3 Pairs (6 Pieces) - Soft Gel Insole Metatarsal Pads Shoe Inserts - Mortons Neuroma Callus Metatarsal BRISON

Dr Eagle - Medical Gel Forefoot Shoe Insole Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions for Women High Heels to Pain Relief, 2 Pairs  by Dr.Eagle Foot Care

Walkize- Metatarsal Pads | Metatarsal Pads for Women | Ball of Foot Cushions (2 Pairs Foot Pads) All Day Pain Relief and Comfort One Size Fits Shoe Inserts for Women by Walkize   

 Pedi Soother Solutions was added later to the list of products with reviews that could not be relied upon, These reviews could not be relied on because the 64 reviews used in the analysis between July 8-16 were replaced on July 21 by a new set of 24 reviews with different content and a different time period.  Pedi Soother Solutions - Ball of Foot Pads- Non Slip Shoe Inserts - Forefoot Metatarsal Pads for Women & Men for Foot... by Pedi Soother Solutions 

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