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High Heel Shoe Inserts 2"+ heels, Rebounding Soft Polyurethane, Ergonomic Toe Grips, Hand Finished


Unique 2 piece soft foam inserts provide comfort to high heels in four ways 

* Cushions ball of foot with rebounding PORON foam that never flattens, provides fresh cushioning for each step - for thousands and many miles of steps

* Stops forward slide of foot with toe grips - this stops toes crush one of the main pain points of wearing high heeled footwear from sling back sandals to high heeled boots

* Wearers weight is kept at heel end of shoes with an arch area pad  - the heel is stopped from slipping forwards or sideways This prevents high heel pain; stops feet from slipping forward or slipping sideways off the heel of the shoe

* Stabilizes shoes from toes-to-heels;  improves ankle stability; stops high heel wobble; straightens posture and allows for a more natural confident walk in high heels

 Improved and straight posture and a more natural confident walk make you, your outfits and your shoes look good!    For more details about the function and benefits ot Killer Heels Comfort cushions for high heels see Designed for the Physics - Mechanics of the Foot from menu at left.

   Made in Canada      Also sold on FBA & FBA

Sets per package

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