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Shoe Cushions for Flats, Sports Shoes and Boots Rebounding Polyurethane Ergonomic Custom (US $17.50 1 pr)


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Ball of foot cushioning with rebounding (spring back) PORON foam that never flattens over thousands of hours of use - allowing  you to enjoy wearing sports shoes or flats or boots for much longer without ball of foot pain or toes pain.   Walking is more comfortable, shoes fit better and playing sports is more fun when your flats, dress shoes or sports shoes rebound, are stable and move with you because of their perfect custom fit.   The ball of foot shoe inserts are designed to stop foot slide forward - in addition to cushioning - making these shoe inserts perfect for marathon runners. The stablization function of the inserts stops your foot from moving forward during serious running or vigorous sports keeping your toes from becoming bruised and keep your feet and legs from becoming fatigued. 

Cushioning the ball of the foot stops pain from downward pressure.  Preventing the feet from sliding forward in shoes and stablizing feet in shoes stops two other significant sources of pain.   

Patented toe grips on the forefoot piece fit under the toes to stop the forefoot from moving forward or side to side thereby stablizing the ball of foot -  allowing you to enjoy walking or running longer. Stabliized runners or flats with laces allow you to have more comfortable feet becuase you do not need to tighten laces to help keep your shoes stablized.  

 Cutouts along both sides of the raised toe grip makes the forefoot piece a perfect ball of foot cushion that also  stabilizes the feet but does not interfere with the propulsion functions of the big toes or the balance function of the little toes.  

Interference with natural toe functions in sports shoes may make  walking and running clumsy and interferes with skills building in sports.  In running it is especially important that the propulsion and balance functions are toes are not interfered with.  The side cutouts make the forefoot foam piece narrower as it passes under the toes prevents crowding the toe box of shoes and creating tightness. 

The shoe inserts adhere permanently with strong adhesive, the PORON polyurethane foam is soft and hypoallergenic, the inserts fit invisibly underfoot in any shoe style, and the inserts can be cleaned inside open top footwear. Tall boots should have thin fabric backed foam insoles placed over top of the PORON foam inserts.  Detailed instructions are provided with the inserts for accurate postioning. The instructions for placing the inserts into shoes and boots are also printed on this site. 

  PORON is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, and breathable. The tan colour  blends with shadows under the foot, and the foam pieces fit discreetly out of sight under the foot making the inserts perfect for all footwear from every day work boots or clogs, dress shoes, runners or the smallest slides.  

Forefoot inserts are  2.5 " long, 2 " wide, and 1/4 " (6 mm) thick at the toe grip area and under the middle metatarsal tapering off at the sides.  The inserts can be cleaned and dried in place with water and paper towels, and left to air dry.

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