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NEW Video "How to put in Killer Heels Comfort high heel shoe inserts - You Tube" Click here to view!

You Tube Video How to put in Killer Heels Comfort high heel shoe inserts  New innovation in comfort for high heels  Patented in 2015


" How to put in Killer Heels Comfort high heel shoe inserts - YouTube "

 A You Tube video explains how to put Killer Heels Comfort inserts into high heel shoes. The inserts that are demonstrated are a new invention, patented in 2015 & 2017  and the only new innovation in high heels comfort for about the last 20 years!  The last innovation was in about 2001. It was a 3/4 gel insole.

My demonstration uses very open high heeled sandals to show how the inserts are put in temporarily.  The inserts can be made temporary and moved from shoe to shoe or made permanent. The customized inserts can be individually adjusted to your foot. The shoes in the video are 4" platform high heel sandals size 11  (with the back & some straps removed) from Aldo's Call It Spring, and a pair of 3" high heels from Cole Haan in size nine.  The demonstrator is me - in my first video ever! . The image on this blog is black and white screen grab. 

The inserts have been sold on my website for about one year. There are many reviews, nearly all five stars. The inserts are considered by customers to be best high heel inserts for ball of foot, best high heel shoe inserts, and high heel shoe inserts that do what they are supposed to do!   See reviews at PRODUCT then click on 'reviews' at the photo of high heels, click again on 'reviews' when the photo of high heels is isolated. 

For more customer reviews see Guide to Comfortable Heels - This column on website is also excellent for reviews of best dressy high heel shoes to wear to work. 

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