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Question from a woman with narrow feet. She has trouble buying high heels that fit, and has recently bought heels that are medium width. She needs advice about how to make them more comfortable.

Narrow feet in medium width shoes

Question from a woman with narrow feet who has trouble buying high heels and has bought medium width high heels that she needs advice about. (March 15 2017)

 Hello. My name is Linda. I have a narrow foot and have hard time buying heels. Just purchased a medium width with 3” heels. Can you recommend an insole that will make my shoes fit better. Feel snug?   I would appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you

Dear Linda, 

Thank you for your note. I empathize with you, I have a narrow foot too which is why I needed to invent a product to make my high heels comfortable because there was nothing being sold that fixed my problem. I had a lot of trouble buying any high heels that fit properly because most styles come only in medium widths. High heeled sandals were the worst - my foot slid right out the front. 
I would recommend that you buy my newly invented high heel shoe inserts. A narrow foot inside a medium width high heel shoe will have several problems related to the foot moving away from the heel area of the shoe and sliding forward. The best product for this problem is something that stops the foot from moving inside the shoe - plus of course cushions the ball of the foot which gets a lot of pressure in high heels. If you foot is also low in the shoe's vamp area so there is a gap there, the forefoot insert will help to keep your foot in place.    (if your foot is very low and you have high heeled sandals you can even put two forefoot inserts into the front part of the shoe to give extra cushioning under the ball of the foot and help fill in the area under the sandal straps.)
My inserts for high heels are in sets of two pieces, the forefoot piece cushions under the ball of the foot, plus stops the foot from sliding forward with a ridge that fits under the middle three toes. The insert is designed to take up minimal space in the front of the shoe, and also fit discreetly completely under the foot so it does not show even in open sandals.
The function of the other insert piece that fits in front of the heel reinforces the action of the forefoot piece in keeping the heel of the foot at the heel end of the shoe preventing heel gaps. (this also takes some pressure off the ball of the foot)
In your note you asked  about an 'insole'. I would not recommend insoles (full length or 3/4 length) for high heels because they take up too much room inside the shoe especially at the sides inside the toe box of the shoe, elevate the heel of the foot making the inside of the shoe even steeper which is bad for high heels, and don't stop forward slide of the foot. 
The high heel inserts I sell take up minimal space because they are designed to fit the tiny spaces in the underside contours of the foot. They are convertible so they can be used as temporary inserts, but can become permanent if you want them to be that.  When you use the temporary adhesive you can make sure they fit exactly right before putting them permanently into your shoes. You can also leave them as temporary and move them from shoe to shoe. 
I hope this helps, and I look forward to providing you with high heels comfort.  You can find more information on my website at FAQs, product descriptions, and in the blogs. 

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