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Unique high heel shoes inserts needs for a very narrow size 12.5  foot. Letter from customer with response.

Platform shoes are a good choice for high heels that don't slide off the foot Egyptian type foot illustration


I came across your website as I was scouring the Web on how to make a high-heeled shoe more comfy (I’m specifically adding a platform to relieve pressure). Here are my stats:

* SIZE: 12.5 Narrow (which is basically non-existent, meaning I have to usually resort to a 13 Medium, causing MANY types of shoes to flop right off my feet & completely ELIMINATING certain styles of shoes from my reach [i.e. shoes with no straps])

 * TOE BOX SHAPE: Egyptian Tapered Narrow (which after reading your article explains A LOT)

 * ARCH: Very Low/Flat (not visible in a resting state; I have to purposefully lift my toes if lying down or drive the ball of my foot into the ground if standing up to see an arch)

 1.So, with that background on my very specialized :-) feet and having THROUGHLY read through your website, I wanted to know a few things: such as you say in your website that you plan to have inserts for larger size feet than size 11 available in future. When will that be, and will they be for only high heels or for all footwear?

 2) Do your inserts work for flatter/flat feet?  The description includes terms that lead me to think these were mainly designed for women with arches, but I'm assuming they could work for flatter feet as well.

 3)BONUS QUESTION: If these inserts are custom-made to fit MY FOOT where it falls inside the shoe (via the template, I'm assuming), how is it that my shoe size (12.5)  cannot be served currently?

 I’m hoping that I will be able to use your inserts in some way, and I'm asking because there is this GORGEOUS pair of Spring/Summer sandals I want and I think with your inserts, they'd fit perfectly.

I hope this goes well because not only do I plan to have your inserts in all of my shoes past/present/future, these inserts could open up a whole new world of shoes I never considered because of improper foot placement (the classic narrow foot sliding forward issue).

Anyway, I very much look forward to your response! Thank you so much!



Dear Lindy,

Thank you for your note. I did receive it from my website, as well as in your email. 

First I’ll explain that the inserts are custom fitted to any foot. They come in one size (for now) which is medium for sizes 7 to about 11 feet.  They fit smaller feet if the inserts are trimmed on each side about ¼” and they fit larger feet if the front of foot inserts are doubled up.  I will explain how that might work for you to enable you to wear high heels.

The template that is provided with the inserts is to ensure that the inserts are placed in the correct place to hold back your foot from sliding forward, but don’t add bulk inside heels.

  I have done some testing with a 'work around' of testing high heel shoes with one set of front of heel inserts, plus two sets of forefoot inserts.  This seems to have worked reasonably well to get sufficient height in the rise that holds the foot back from sliding forward plus provides thicker cushioning directly under the middle of the ball of the foot. I have not had the opportunity to work with very many women with larger feet such as size 12 and up, however I was able to provide a friend with size 12 wide feet with functioning inserts that worked for her. I doubled up the forefoot inserts for her and kept the front of heel inserts singular. It worked well for her but I don’t know how it will work for you because it depends on width of foot and thickness, but if you are willing to experiment I will provide you with free inserts.

 After you receive the inserts by Post do this with them:

 1.Follow the instructions to make a template of your foot and fit one set of inserts (forefoot part and front of heel part)  into the correct position into your shoes according to the instructions using the temporary two sided foam glue squares.

2. Try the shoes on to ensure that the inserts fit correctly in that you can feel a slight push against the front of the ball of the foot and at the front of the heel on both feet. Adjust to make the fit correct.  Mark the spot where the forefoot inserts and the front of heel inserts start and end. 

  It may work for your foot to have only one layer of inserts, depending on if your foot is not only extra narrow but is also  low across the base  of the toes. If your foot does not override the rise at the front of the  forefoot inserts you can proceed to attach the one set of inserts permanently. However if you foot is thick across the base of the toes and overrides the insert then go to the next step about how to ‘double up’ the forefoot inserts.

3. Move the forefoot insert ¼” closer to the front of the shoe, re sticking it with the temporary glue squares. Leave the front of heel insert untouched. .

4. Using the temporary glue squares provided place a second set of forefoot inserts on top of the first set.Place the second set offset backwards 1/4"  towards the heel of the shoe. You will end up with two sets of forefoot inserts in you shoes piled on top of each other with the top set 'slipping backwards' offset by 1/4 "   This will give more height to the rise under the middle three toes and double the cushioning under the ball of the foot, hopefully without crowding the shoe or interfering with the function of the toes. The inserts will be tapered at the front and under the ball of the foot so there isn't an abrupt edge.   (The end result is two inserts on top of each other with the edge of the second insert where it is supposed to be which is at the front of the ball of the foot).

5. Mark where the doubled up inserts are with pencil marks around the edges.

6. Remove the inserts and remove the temporary glue squares and expose the permanent glue tapes and glue both layers of inserts down permanently, the first layer onto the shoe insole and the second layer on top of the first. .

 Given the description of your foot as narrow, I think this should work reasonably well for your high heel pumps or sandals as you may not need extra width in the inserts as much as a person with a size 12-13 foot that is regular width or is a wide foot.

 I think your low arch will not be a concern. A low arch (or a high arch) is accommodated by the front of heel insert design because the heel area insert is only high enough to keep the heel of the foot from sliding forward or gaping at the heel of the shoe.

The insert is not designed to push up into the arch area of the foot as even a soft cushion pushing upwards into the arch area, which is a sensitive part of the foot and not intended to bear weigh, will begin to hurt the foot.  The inserts should just touch a low arch and clear a high arch.

 The foam  inserts are in two parts completely hidden under the foot, however an additional clear arch support could be added and put into the arch area if necessary for arch comfort.

 I think you will understand the function of the template in fitting your inserts correctly when you use it. You only need to make one template to be able to properly fit the inserts into all your shoes. You can use the template over and over again. The fitting template is a new way to ensure a perfect custom fitted insert. Both the inserts and the template are patented. 

 I empathize so much with you about 'the classic narrow foot sliding forward issue'.   It was this very problem that inspired me to invent my inserts. I always had to very carefully pick through shoes at the shoe store discarding many lovely shoes, especially nearly all high heeled sandals, due to my narrow foot sliding forward in them, sometime actually coming right out of the front of the sandals in an extreme case of 'toes overhang'.  The problem of my foot sliding forward in pumps switched from toes overhang unsightliness to toes being crushed pain.

 Please let me know how you wish to proceed with your order.  You can order one pair of inserts for flats (which I know will fit you) and I will provide you with several sets of high heel inserts to experiment with. You have an option to add a note to your order, or if you wish send me another email to  if you need to communicate further or wish me to clarify anything in this email.  

 I hope this answers your questions. I will wait for your order and response. Thank you for your extensive explanation about your shoe issues, I am always pleased to hear from customers about how I can help them.

Sincerely,    Virve


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