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New silk covered high heel shoe inserts. Put then in your heels & look fabulous in your new outfit all night - by wearing your heels all night!

high heel shoe inserts silk covered, eliminate all high heel pain

 Have you ever kicked off your heels because you couldn't stand being in heels another minute?  Have you felt incomplete in your fabulous outfit because you had to take off your lovely sparkly heels? 

 Did you know that about 70% of women who wear heels have pain from them? There are a lucky 30% or so who can wear heels in comfort, I'm not one of those lucky women! Pain in heels can come from six main places on the foot. There can be pain at the forefoot and toes end of the foot from the foot being pushed forward and crushing the toes, or straps digging into the foot and the toes pinched at the sides when they overhang the sole in high heel sandals. There can be pain in the ball of the foot as the point of greatest pressure on the foot in heels. This pain is contributed to by the foot sliding forward away from the heel because when the foot leaves the heel area and more weight if shifted to the ball of the foot, plus the gap at the heel can cause painful blisters on the foot. Instability in heels can cause a shoe to fall off the foot or make it difficult to walk, either way you could be in pain from a twisted foot or a stumble or have pain and fatigue in your feet and legs from trying to keep your shoes on your feet while you walk. 

Would you want to eliminate all six sources of pain from your high heels? Wouldn't it be so nice to comfortably wear heels all night? Have it all - a   fabulous outfit and pain free heels!  This is possible!  Killer Heels Comfort inserts for high heels are completely adjustable to each person's individual foot so it is your best choice to remove all pain sources in heels -not just some of the pain sources. The inserts are able to eliminate all pain because they can stabilize the foot in heels. This cannot be done by any other insert for heels ever invented. Stabilizing the foot eliminates pain because the foot stays in the position inside the shoe where it is designed to be by the manufacturer, and because weight is kept over the heel there is less weight on the ball of the foot. The weight that remains is cushioned with shock absorbing, uncrushable PORON foam that never gets slippery or moves out of place. In addition the inserts are tiny and ergonomic in design so they contour to the underside of the foot and never crowd the shoe. 

You can buy these inserts at   from Amazon, for USA customers or from the website  from anywhere in the world. 

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