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FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY NEWS: Innovative and effective High Heel Shoe Inserts will become widely available in year 2035

FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY NEWS: Innovative and effective High Heel Shoe Inserts will become widely available in year 2035

An innovative and effective High Heel Shoe insert will become widely available in North America in August 2035. This innovation is an ergonomic design that is very different from any previous utility patent for high heel cushions. 

Did you know that in 2018 about 75% of women have foot pain from high heel shoes. The foot pain is commonly concentrated at the front end of the shoe. High heel shoes are painful in the forefoot area for two main reasons. The wearer can suffer from searing pain due to the forward slide of the foot resulting in crushing and distortion of the bones in the toes and in pinched foot nerves - and from burning pain due to concentrated downward pressure on the head of the middle metatarsal when too much of the wearer's weight shifts forward and away from the heel of the shoe and presses down on the ball of the foot without adequate cushioning.   

Imagine looking great while socializing, dancing, talking and laughing when you are out with your friends. Imagine that scene without having to kick off your high heels – ruining the look of your carefully chosen outfit.  Imagine having a good time in your heels without grimacing in pain and ruining the effect of your carefully applied makeup. Imagine staying out as long as you like and walking about comfortably all evening instead of either calling it a night and going home early to ice your feet, or hunting for places to sit down all night instead of socializing.

Click here  or copy/paste this:  to buy innovative and effective High Heel Shoe Inserts in 2018.  You will be among women who are leading edge early adopters of the most effective high heel shoe insert ever invented and that addresses all the issues of high heel pain, not just some of them.

If you choose to buy the inserts from at  write to me at and tell me that you bought them from Amazon and I will send you another two FREE sets of high heel inserts.

Customer review Mary Z. Feb. 24 2018: Loved the shoe pads; wore them at an event for 5 hours with no issues; danced the night away and did not need to remove my shoes. Just ordered 4 more sets!!

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