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Love Heels? Hate pain? See a fashion & lifestyle blog for corporate women. Tips on best heels for work. Best new ergonomic inserts for high heels are from Killer Heels Comfort - ankles & toes above the rest! !

New ergonomic high heel inserts for all heels, from the most problematic - I'm talking to you Louboutin 4" !

Killer Heels Comfort on the blog " Corporette: A fashion and lifestyle blog for corporate women: lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants and “otherwise overachieving chicks.” 

On our radar ? : Corporette -Fashion lifestyle and career advice for overachieving chicks

Independent Brands Making Shoes for Work

  • Dana Davis – Dana Davis is a “revolutionary footwear collection” that melds luxury styling with invisible comfort technology.
  • Eleanor Anukam Footwearoffers a “wide range of footwear for plus size women including fashion, casual shoes, designer bridal pumps, and high heels up to size 13.”
  • Killer Comfort – “Killer Heels Comfort inserts are the NEW ‘holy grail’ of shoe inserts for high heels.”
  • Magritte Shoes– “Our mission is to make comfortable shoes a little sexier, so we can all get a little luckier.”
  • Gemi– “Handcrafted Italian Flats, Pumps & More. Fresh From Italy Each Week.”Pictured: the Fortuna, one of their best selling styles of flats.
  • Marais– “Named for the famed ‘Le Marais’ district in Paris and based out of Brooklyn, Marais USA embodies the best of both worlds. We reinvent the classics season after season, and for a price that won’t leave your wallet empty.”
  • Shoes of Prey– Shoes of Prey began as a website where you can design your own shoes — you can now buy some of their products through Nordstrom.
  • Thesis– SpaceX veteran Dolly Singh has “re-architected the high-heel shoe from the inside out to bring you the world’s first high performance stiletto that never compromises on style.” They’re still in pre-launch phase, but you can look through their lookbook online.
  • True Gault– “True Gault is a high-tech fashion company using 3D imaging to create custom beautiful and comfortable high heels.”
  • Ukies– “UKIES is a European-inspired brand that focuses on delivering affordable, high style, Italian leather shoes while refusing to compromise comfort.”

Corporette is an excellent fashion column with a difference. All the suggestions are tested by either the author or by her readers - who are a really smart bunch!   Their advice can be trusted - it is not hype. Their fashion advice and advice about solving work related issues is genuinely helpful and well thought out.

Also Killer Heels Comfort shoe inserts for high heels were patented after the "Guide to Comfortable Heels" was printed. These inserts are much better than the ones mentioned in the guide, which are variations of inserts for high heels that have been around for 20 years or more and continue to have problems in function and fit.

The main flaws of gel inserts are that they don't hold the forefoot back from sliding forward, they fit badly on most women on both height under the arch and length and cannot be customized, they get slippery when damp, plus they are bulky and push the foot upwards under the heel increasing wobbliness in heels.

The only excellent shoe inserts for high heels currently available are Killer Heel Comfort high heel shoe inserts.  They cushion high heels at the ball of the foot with uncrushable, never flattening PORON foam, they are designed ergonomically to allow for normal function of the big toe for propulsion and the little toe for shoe stability to stabilize and cushion high heels while holding the foot back from sliding forwards.  They can be customized to ensure that the thickest cushion is under the ball of the foot, and the orientation of the inserts are exactly at the same orientation as the wearer's foot. The inserts never crowd the foot - but cushion it very well - because the cushioning is only where it is needed and not everywhere that it is not needed where it will just fill up the shoe causing crowding of the toes. By holding back the foot from sliding forward at two places with a toe grip under the toes, and an arch grip at the front of the heel the foot is stabilized in shoes, kept from moving off the heel of the shoe thus relieving the ball of the foot of excess pressure. 


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