Silk Covered High Heel Shoe Cushions 1 pair 18.95 US (2 pairs 35.00 US)

Killer Heels Comfort

NB. to Order multiples click on the drop down menu. Price per unit drops the more silk covered high heel inserts you order. Shipping cost remains the same.

Silk covered high heel shoe inserts | Rebounding silky PORON foam cushions ball of foot | Ergonomic toe grip & arch piece stabilize shoes,stop forward slide | Walk naturally in your heels that stay on your feet & don't wobble | Invisible when worn in any style of heels - strappy sandals, stiletto mules, clear pumps Fits sizes 7- 11

-Silk covered high heel shoe inserts have a covering of 92% natural silk, 8% Spandex

-Rebounding, shock absorbing PORON foam never flattens, continues to cushion with each step

-Feet are prevented from sliding forward by a strong yet soft toe grip that stops foot shifting

-Prevents chafing of toes, blisters on heels, pain from narrow toe boxes or overhang of toes

 -Normal gait & a natural walk is possible due to preservation of normal foot & toe functions.

-Wear heels four times longer


 Silky smooth feel underfoot with a hardworking design that cushions, stabilizes & stops toe pain Hand crafted stretch silk covering provides a silky smooth feel under the foot & PORON foam cushions each step without flattening

The silk covered inserts are covered completely by the foot  They are suitable for all styles of heels over 2” - high heel sandals, stiletto mules or clear pumps 

A  raised ‘button’ of foam is positioned directly under the middle metatarsal at the point of greatest pressure makes wearing high heels comfortable for up to four times longer than without  inserts by an average woman

The inserts are custom fitted into optimum position so there is no crowding of the feet

A raised toe grip stops the foot from sliding forward or from being squeezed into the toe box of  narrow shoes

The silk covered high heel cushions can be put in place temporarily or permanently.

The enclosed two sided foam adhesive squares can be used for fitting the inserts into their best position & then the inserts can be fitted permanently into one pair of heels

The silk covering is fragile natural silk which may tear or shred if they are moved after they have been adhered into shoes for a long time

The pressure sensitive double sided adhesive tape for permanent placement resists torque & grips more firmly with pressure placed on it in use

Silk covered PORON never feels damp or slippery and stays firmly in place

PORON is open cell polyurethane foam that is hypoallergenic.

The silk covered PORON inserts will last for three to six months with daily use, and longer with intermittent use.

The silk covered inserts can be cleaned by dabbing with a damp cloth and blotting with paper towels and air dried. Silk should not be rubbed with anything rough or snagged

The silk covered high heel inserts will make a normal fitting or loose fitting high heel shoe fit better

Inserts should never be put into shoes that are too tight to wear comfortably

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