High Heel Shoe Inserts 2"+ heels PORON/ Silk ($18 US, 5pr. $70-Available Now)

Killer Heels Comfort

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Hand crafted georgette stretch silk covering made from 92% natural silk, 8% Spandex. Interior core is made of rebounding, never flattening PORON foam. Luxurious off white shoe inserts are made for special occasion heels. Same reliable features as the tan PORON high heel shoe inserts that are not covered in silk as described below in the section beginning FEATURES OF HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS FOR WOMEN  These are permanent inserts to make your most loved heels always ready to wear and super comfortable. The silk covered inserts are available now, Nov. 20, 2018. 

 Additional benefits of the silk covering, besides looking great, is a wonderful silky feel against the bottom of the foot. The silk covered inserts are slightly more slippery than the plain PORON uncovered inserts however georgette stretch silk has a knit texture that is not as slippery as the flat weave of silk scarves, or anywhere near as slippery as gel shoe inserts. The inserts depend on a physical raised toe grip to stop the forward slide of the foot the surface grip of the inserts is not as crucial for an anti slip function. The silk covered inserts are slightly larger inserts by about 1mm, than the uncovered inserts. The layer of silk, plus an extra layer of glue tape makes up the 1 mm additional  thickness.

If the high heels that need inserts fit perfectly then the silk inserts will fit. If the high heels fit a tiny bit loose or they have become looser with wearing then the silk inserts are a perfect option to create a good fit.  The silk inserts can be worn with bare feet or stocking feet. Never put the silk inserts, or any inserts ever into high heels that are too tight. In fact you should throw them out or give them away, because wearing too tight shoes is a major factor in foot pain and permanent foot damage. 

The silk covered inserts are higher in price than the plain PORON inserts for high heel shoes. A lot of handcrafting work is put into the inserts and the fabric covering them is expensive pure silk.


*ALL DAY PAIN RELIEF in all high heel shoes from 2" kitten heels to 4" killer heels  For all styles of shoes/high heel boots. Customized fit. Invisible underfoot. Slim, never crowds foot or lifts up the heel. Ergonomic design. Cushions, stops forward slide & stabilizes all high heel shoes  Womens' US 7-10 

Can be tried on temporarily to ensure a perfect fit; & can be made permanent- as you choose - so our favorite heels are ready to go out the moment you are. You may be able to wear your heels for four times longer without foot discomfort than you could with no inserts! 

The inserts are an off white color intended to disappear into the shadow under the foot, blend with a  pale off white insole & keep out of sight. No part of the inserts stick out from the front, sides or back of the foot. The inserts are designed according to the mantra that function dictates form. They don't come in 'cute' shapes, patterns, stripes or flashy bright colors. Their only function is to work hard to keep your feet comfortable, your shoes stable, & your walk graceful & do it all as discreetly as possible.

Open cell polyurethane cushioning of the inserts never flattens in use -  even after hundreds of times of wear   It is breathable, hypoallergenic, never slippery, hard or damp & feels like soft velvet underfoot. The addition of a layer of silk covering makes it feet even more heavenly underfoot!

Sculpted PORON forefoot & arch area cushions are contoured to custom fit the bottom of your unique foot. (The ergonomic customized shape was patented in 2015 & 2017). The two contoured soft PORON foam pieces superbly cushion your foot, PLUS hold your foot in place, PLUS prevent high heel wobbles. They do all three functions much better than an insole or ball of foot insert made from a flat piece of PORON.  These are the only high heel shoe inserts ever invented - made from PORON, other foam or gel - that have all three important functions for high heel foot comfort.

 The functions of the insert sets flow from both the forefoot cushion and the  arch area cushion. The arch area cushion fits snug against the front of the heel. It adds stabilizing for high heels with a special notched rise at the front of the heel that keeps the heel of the foot inside the heel of the high heel shoe, PLUS it stops sideways slip of the foot in open heel shoes.  The weight of the high heel shoe wearer stays shifted onto the heel end of the shoe. The weight of the wearer is balanced inside the shoe to the heel end of the shoe and to the ball of the foot  in the way that the shoe was deigned to be worn


 If you have ever wondered why your high heels fit much better when you are standing, than when you are walking this is because as soon as you walk your weight shifts more onto the ball of the foot. Preventing the weight shift by holding back the foot from sliding forward - plus cushioning the ball of the foot with rebounding, never flattening foam exactly at the middle of it - is THE SECRET TO HIGH HEEL COMFORT!   An important part of the 'secret' is that the inserts don't come loose. The shoe inserts hold the high heeled foot from sliding forward because the inserts are attached very well -with pressure sensitive two sided turning tape - to the insole of the shoe. The inserts will never slide about, nor will your foot. To ensure that you get a perfect fit for the inserts strips of temporary stick two sided adhesive foam squares are provided to allow for rial & error easy fitting of the inserts. Instructions, plus markings on the inserts are also provided.   

*The patented forefoot part of the inserts set have toe grips that fit only under the middle three toes to physically stop forward slide of the foot providing wiggle room for toes during walking. The inserts physically hold the foot from sliding forward & do it with soft foam comfort while allowing for normal foot function & do so for the lifetime of the inserts without flattening or coming loose (when permanently placed) from the shoe

*inserts provide stability in all styles of shoes & a natural walking gait with less wobble in heels because foot & toe functions of propulsion & stability are not interfered with

*inserts provide relief from crushed toes or squeezed forefoot pain or falling off shoes at the heel end in all high heels - any style open with straps or closed in or pumps, sandals, mules or platforms. 

*rebounding shock absorbing PORON foam feels soft underfoot, never flattens, 

*2017 patented inserts with toe grips stop forward slide of foot, providing wiggle room for toes. Soft ball of foot cushion prevents ball of foot pain. Wear heels for four times longer than you used to with no inserts. 

*provides relief from crushed toes or squeezed forefoot pain in high heels, especially helpful in pointy toe heels. 

*provides stability in all heights of heels and allows for a natural walking gait with less wobble in heels

*rebounding shock absorbing poron foam feels soft underfoot, never flattens, fits 7-10 shoes

Poron foam is an ideal material for high heel cushion inserts, or ballerina flats, or thongs. It rebounds, absorbs shock, never feels damp or hard or traps odors. It is soft, breathable, hypo allergenic and grips. The innovative patented shoe foam inserts are sculpted into an ergonomic shape to fit the contours of the bottom of the foot to provide:

*shock absorbing custom fitted cushioning under the metatarsal heads to prevent pain in the ball of the foot for many times longer than material that does not rebound or it not custom fitted.

*a natural walking gait in high heels because the inserts shape does not compromise foot functions of balance or propulsion.  The raised toe grip has a cut out on the medial and lateral sides allowing for the big toe to provide normal propulsion function and the little toe to provide balance function. 

*relief from blisters from sandal straps, thong posts, gaps at the heel As inserts for high heel mules the cushions provide relief for strained foot muscles gripping to keep shoes on feet The inserts are fitted snugly against the front of the ball of the foot The raised ‘button’ of 4.5mm cushioning fits  under the middle metatarsal for extra cushioning at the point of greatest pressure. 

The inserts are attached temporarily to the shoe insole to ensure a correct position and later adhered permanently to hold the insert and the foot from sliding forwards The toe grip ridge prevents forward slide so the toes and forefoot are protected from being crushed

Do not use the inserts in shoes that are too tight  A comfortable fitting high heel shoe should have wiggle room for the toes while walking. If in doubt about shoe size buy a larger size and customize with foam inserts. Permanent inserts cannot be removed without some insole damage such as a coating or paint coming off. Permanent inserts can be removed by carefully and slowly 'rolling' the inserts off the insole.  

.The PORON core stretch silk covered inserts will last for three to six months with daily use, and longer with intermittent use.  The inserts can be cleaned in place by sponging with a damp cloth and mild soap, and blotting with paper towels and air dried. Do not rub the silk during cleaning, pat gently during cleaning and drying. Questions? Please contact me

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