High Heel Shoe Inserts 2"+ heels, PORON ($16.25 US, 5 prs $63.)

Killer Heels Comfort

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About the Product

 *PERMANENT HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS FOR COMFORTABLE HEELS, prevent high heel ball of foot pain & heel blisters  Size 7-10 (NOTE: With shoe on right foot & weight shifted to right shoe test for an index finger thickness of space available under vamp. If index finger goes into toe of shoe comfortably there is enough room for a forefoot insert) For size 7 med or narrow foot request an extra thin forefoot insert in your order)  Best for regular fitting or loose shoes, do not place inserts into tight shoes. Caution: Always wear properly fitting or loose heels. Wearing tight high heel shoes will permanently damage feet. 

*NON-SLIP HIGH HEEL SHOE INSOLES WITH ERGONOMIC TOE GRIPS preserve toe functions & balance *REBOUNDING BALL OF FOOT METATARSAL CUSHIONS custom fit to stay in place for a natural walk

*HIGH HEEL SHOE COMFORT PADS fit & stabilize all shoe styles, fits all arch heights without causing pain on the underside of foot in a low arch or being ineffective by missing the arch in a high arch

*HYPOALLERGENIC, non latex polyurethane pad never flattens like memory foam inserts or feels slippery like gel insoles

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