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FEATURES OF HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS  Intelligent design and comprehensive testing by real women resulted in these innovative inserts that provide a complete resolution to the problems of wearing high heels. They stop the foot completely from sliding forward or sideways preventing all pain related to foot displacement, heel displacement and crushing of the foot into the toe box.  

The inserts were inspired by " foots print in the sand" , and like the contoured surface of a footprint cradles your foot from underneath to stabilize the foot in any heels or flats. 

The inserts provide targeted ball of foot cushioning with PORON, the best foam material  available to stop ball of foot pain because it never flattens, absorbs shock from walking on hard surfaces and springs back with each step you take. 

The inserts stop the foot from sliding forward with a soft ridge under the middle three toes, and another ridge at the leading edge of the cushion at the front of the heel. The two cushions keep the wearer's weight at the heel end of the shoe. This decreases pressure on the ball of the foot.  

The inserts stop a gap from forming at the heel end of the shoe that could chafe or blister the heel.  

The inserts stabilize the foot inside the shoe, this makes walking much easier and less tiring and may prevent top of foot pain from the strain of keeping your shoes on your feet! 

The inserts are convertible from temporary inserts (with foam glue squares)  movable from shoe to shoe, to permanent inserts (with pressure sensitive tape)  that will hold back hundreds of pounds of pressure wearing after wearing making your shoes look and fit better. The inserts make all shoes into 'custom made' shoes. They make loose shoes stay on your feet.  If you have shoes that are too tight do not wear them, plus do not put the inserts into them.   

The inserts are neutral beige in colour and fit 'invisibly' underfoot even in strappy sandals. They can be put under the insole in high heel boots to make them be part of the boots. 

PORON is a breathable polyurethane that stays dry, never flattens, provides traction and spring back and never becomes slippery or feels damp. It is hygienic, doesn't trap odor, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. PORON is a product of Rogers Corporation, USA.

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