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FEATURES OF HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS   ::::: These shoe inserts are designed, and created to provide complete comfort to high heel shoe wearers through intelligent design and comprehensive testing by real women based on resolving the genuine needs of women who love high heels. No other insert provides such a complete solution for high heel shoes pain by completely stopping the foot from being displaced inside the shoe invisibly with no crowding. This high heel insert is the only permanent shoe insert to hold back hundreds of  pounds of pressure without becoming loose.  

 Killer Heels Comfort shoe inserts will full fill all your needs for comfortable shoes and stop foot pain in any style of high heels, even heeled sandals. The inserts were inspired by "a foot print in the sand" , and like the contoured surface of a footprint cradles your foot from underneath. 

The inserts provide targeted ball of foot cushioning with PORON, the best foam material  available to stop ball of foot pain because it never flattens, absorbs shock from walking on hard surfaces and springs back with each step you take. The ball of foot cushion section has a 'button' of thicker material under the middle metatarsals (the bones at the centre of the ball of the foot),to cushion optimally without crowding the shoe. 

The inserts stop the foot from sliding forward with a soft ridge under the middle three toes, and another ridge at the leading edge of the cushion at the front of the heel. When the foot is held in place between these two cushions more of the wearer's weight is kept at the heel end of the shoe. This will decreases pressure on the ball of the foot.  

The inserts stop a gap from forming at the heel end of the shoe. This prevents rubbing and painful chafing of the heel of the foot. 

The two inserts, and the unique design of each insert contributes to overall stability of high heels. The two inserts lock the foot in between them. The forefoot insert is designed to allow for natural toe function of propulsion and balance. The front of heel insert is designed with a notch in it to prevent sideways movement of the foot. The combined impact is a noticeably more stable high heel shoe that makes walking much easier and less tiring and may prevent top of foot pain from the strain of keeping your shoes on your feet! 

An easy to use template lets you customize the fitting of the inserts in your shoe for  length of foot so that all cushioning is exactly where it is needed, and your high heel shoe is not crowded with cushioning where it is not needed.  

The inserts are convertible from temporary inserts movable from shoe to shoe, to permanent inserts that will hold back hundreds of pounds of pressure wearing after wearing. The two sided adhesive tapes are layered onto the inserts underside with the temporary adhesive tape accessible first, and the permanent tape available at any time with the discarding of the temporary adhesive. The temporary adhesive tape can be used many times over (a dozen times or so) provided it is kept clean. Additional adhesive foam squares are included in the packaging to prolong you being able to move the inserts from shoe to shoe. To use the heel inserts your high heel shoes should fit normally with a half inch space in front of your longest toe. The inserts are excellent for shoes too big for you or shoes that need extra cushion to act as metatarsal pads or shoes that need heel liners because you have sore heels.  Do not put the inserts into shoes that are too tight for you.  

The inserts are neutral beige in colour to blend into the colour of the shadow under your foot. The inserts fit completely inside the hollows underfoot and are invisible when worn. The inserts can be worn with any style of shoe, they are always invisible. The inserts act like "a foot print in the sand"  to hold your foot from underneath.  The inserts can be put under the insoles (as shown in the ankle boot picture), making them invisible even when you take your shoes off !  The inserts can also be custom coloured to the insole of your shoes with silk coverings. 

PORON is a breathable polyurethane that stays dry, provides traction and never becomes slippery or feels damp. It is hygienic, doesn't trap odor, and is completely washable like a sponge after wetting it to separate it from the permanent glue layer and removing it from inside the shoe. Extensive information about PORON is at Rogers Corporation, USA.

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