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Killer Heels Comfort

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FEATURES OF HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS  - The custom fit inserts are made from PORON foam, the best foam for shoe insoles & inserts because it never flattens.  Even a thin layer of contoured custom fitted PORON foam cushions the foot extremely well because the cushioning is targeted where it is needed most. PORON foam is dense, it springs back, it is shock absorbing, hygienic, doesn't trap odors & never gets slippery or feels damp. It adds superb comfort & stops forward slipping in any footwear 'invisibly' without crowding the foot or interfering with toes function for balance & propulsion. Walking in heels is much easier & graceful with a normal functioning foot - no more wobbling in heels!

The inserts fit size 7-10 women's shoe comfortably. The length is customizable for any size. For feet sizes smaller than 7 the inserts can be trimmed with household scissors to fit in width. On request I will customize the thickness of sizes under 6. Please add a note to your order for sizes under 7. 

Intelligent design and comprehensive testing by women.  Invention, prototyping & testing was done by women who wear high heels- resulting in an innovative two part design that completely stops the foot from moving forward inside high heels, PLUS cushions the ball of the foot.  Killer Heels Comfort is the only shoe cushioning product that is made from sculpted shaped PORON to grip the foot to prevent sliding, all other PORON high heel shoe ball of foot inserts or full length insoles are flat letting the foot slide forward.

Killer Heels Comfort inserts are like weight shifting insoles because they keep the wearer's weight over the heel.  This stops the heel & foot from moving out of place thereby decreasing pressure on the ball of the foot - but unlike most weight shifting insoles Killer Heels Comfort inserts are custom fitted in length to fit everybody. Plus they superbly cushion the ball of the foot, take up much less space than either a full length insole or a 3/4 gel insole & are invisible by hugging the curves of the bottom of the foot & not peeking out from the back, sides or front of the foot. Killer Heels Comfort inserts are slim so they don't push the foot up out of the shoe.

The contoured foam surface of a inserts cradles your foot from underneath to stabilize the foot in any heels or flats. Stabilizing the foot in heels is as important as cushioning it. Killer Heels Comfort inserts are the only high heel inserts that are designed to stabilize the foot. They do this by being a two part insert that fits into the hollows underfoot holding the foot at two places completely stopping shifting around of the foot in the shoe. 

The inserts stabilize the foot inside the shoe, this makes walking much easier and less tiring and may prevent top of foot pain from the strain of keeping your shoes on your feet! You can walk, dance and run for much longer in your heels - up to four times longer!

The inserts are convertible from temporary inserts (with foam glue squares)  movable from shoe to shoe, to permanent inserts (with pressure sensitive tape)  that will hold back hundreds of pounds of pressure wearing after wearing making your shoes look and fit better. The inserts make all shoes into 'custom made' shoes. They make loose shoes stay on your feet. 

Killer Heels Comfort inserts are not recommended for shoes that are too tight. They are recommended for properly fitting shoes or shoes that are loose.    

The inserts are neutral beige in colour and fit 'invisibly' underfoot even in strappy sandals. They can be put under the insole in high heel boots to make them be part of the boots. 

PORON is a breathable polyurethane that stays dry, never flattens, provides traction and spring back and never becomes slippery or feels damp. It is hygienic, doesn't trap odor, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. PORON is a product of Rogers Corporation, USA.

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