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Polyurethane ball of foot cushions, patented toe grips For sports shoes, runners, low heel dress shoes, slides


PORON ball of foot cushions with patented toe grips provide comfort in sports shoes, runners,  flats and low heel dress shoes in four ways 

* Ergonomic toe grip helps provide increased forward propulsion in men's or women's sports shoes

* PORON foam cushioning rebounds (springing back up at each step) to  absorb shock while running long distances, or while standing/walking in dress shoes with thin bottoms 

* Forefoot cushion with toe grip stops forward slide in 1 or 2 inch shoes, ankle boots and men's or women's cowboy boots

* Ergonomic forefoot cushion with toe grip stabilizes feet inside shoes from excessive forward, sideways or backwards motion in court sports shoes, mules or slides - Perfect for playing vigorous sports with fast starts and stops   

* PORON polyurethane foam remains springy and rebounds at each step for many years, unlike 'memory foam' which flattens within a few months of wear.  Enjoy playing sports longer with firm yet soft cushioning and stablilized shoes that don't need to be laced too tight just to stay on your feet during vigorous sports

  Walking is more comfortable, shoes fit better, toes don't get bruised, legs and feet are less fatigued when foot and shoe move as one.  Everything is more enjoyable when you can concentrate on your activity -  playing professional sports, walking your dog or lingering at a party in kitten heels or thin bottomed dress shoes.  For more details about the function and benefits ot Killer Heels Comfort ball of foot cushions for low heel shoes see Designed for the Physics - Mechanics of the Foot from menu at left. 

 Made in Canada      Also sold on and FBA

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