Ball of Foot cushions - Flats or Low Heels 1 pair $9.65 US (5 pairs $23.95 US)

Killer Heels Comfort


NB. to Order multiples click on the drop down menu. Price per unit drops the more ball of foot cushions you order. Shipping cost remains the same.

Ball of foot cushion rebounding PORON foam|toe grip stops forward slide & stabilizes foot, balance & propulsion functions of toes are supported | slim shape doesn’t crowd foot | use in all shoe styles.

In ballet flats with thin bottoms the ball of foot cushion will provide an uncrushable, springy cushioning under the foot, plus stop heel gaps without crowding the shoe. 

In running shoes used in active sports the ball of foot cushion will provide fresh cushioning with every step, stay in place and cushion the foot without compromising the propulsion actions of the big toes or the balancing actions of the forefoot. The cushion will prevent toes from bumping into the front of the shoe during long periods of running.

Rebounding, shock absorbing PORON foam never flattens, prevents ball of foot pain & stabilizes shoes.

Stops toe pain because feet are prevented from sliding forward by soft contoured cushions

Prevents chafing, blisters, bruising of toes in runners & sores from the post of thong sandals

Supports natural foot functions of propulsion by the big toe & balance by the little toe are preserved

Normal gait for walking & running are optimized by preservation of natural foot functions

Sports footwear stay in place during vigorous stop-start activity such as in tennis or hockey

Ergonomic patented toe grip fits under middle three toes, takes up minimal space inside shoes

Custom placement by user optimizes effectiveness of cushioning & minimizes crowding of foot


Use in any style shoes. Fits any normal fit shoes 7-11 for men or women

Open cell polyurethane ball of foot cushions absorb shock of hard surfaces & are hypoallergenic & never slippery. The toe grip is designed to hold the foot to stop all forward slide----Custom fitted contoured inserts help stabilize feet & help keep shoes on feet---Cushioning is designed thickest at the point of greatest pressure under the middle metatarsal head (bump in the middle of ball of the foot) to maximize its’ effectiveness---Propulsion & balance functions of toes are not interfered with--- Walking is normal even in heels---Walking is less tiring, especially in slides, mules, thongs or flip flops that have scant attachment to the foot---Running shoes do not need to be tied extra tight to have them stay in place

The ball of foot cushion is entirely covered by the foot when in use so it is aesthetically pleasing & does not mar the appearance of fancy sandals with thin straps or sling backs or slides---The inserts cushion optimally so they don’t crowd close fitting shoes such as  ballet flats, dressy flats or slides---PORON never feels damp, slippery or hard & is hypoallergenic---Inserts placed permanently adhere without shifting. The pressure sensitive double sided adhesive tape resists torque & grips more firmly with use---The slim profile inserts at ¼” do not push the foot up out of the shoe or change the centre of gravity of the wearer

PORON polyurethane lasts 3-6 six months daily use, longer in intermittent use---The inserts can be cleaned with a damp cloth & air dried--- Ball of foot inserts can be protected from tearing by opening shoe laces wide before placing the foot inside the shoe or protecting the leading edge of the insert with a strip of cellophane tape---The ball of foot inserts will make a normal fitting shoe (with ¼”- ½ ” space) fit better. Loose fitting or stretched out shoes will fit better---The ball of foot cushion can be put in place temporarily by exposing a small amount of adhesive strip or permanently by exposing the complete adhesive strip on the back of the ball of foot inserts.









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