Ball of Foot Pads for High Heels, Flats & Sports Shoes Rebounding Polyurethane(US $17.50 1 pr)

Killer Heels Comfort

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About the Product : 

*The inserts are made from PORON, a polyurethane foam that rebounds and never flattens. The unique patented inserts cushion the ball of the foot excellently without crowding shoes plus completely stop forward slide in all styles of shoes making shoes fit better and be more comfortable to wear for many hours.  Each two piece set has a left & a right ball of foot cushion 

*PORON is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, breathable, does not feel damp and has a non slippery surface. The tan colour is intended to blend into the shadow under the foot. 

 *The rebounding (springs back) PORON foam of the inserts does not flatten over thousands of time of wear

 *An extra thickness of foam, 4.5 mm, is custom fitted under the centre of the ball of the foot to target the middle metatarsal area of greatest pressure. Tapering towards the edges prevents crowding. 

 *An ergonomic patented toe grip, 6 mm, stops forward slide 100%. The toe grip is the narrowest part of the ball of foot pad, narrowing to the front preserves propulsion and balance functions of the toes

 *Fits any foot orientation and configuration. Each ball of foot cushion can be angled to fit snugly to the foot placed in an optimal customized position. The inserts fit sizes 7 to 10 shoes that are normal or loose fitting. The ball of foot pads are suitable for high heels that are closed at the back. For high heels that are open at the back it is recommended that inserts designed especially for high heels are better because they keep the heel in place, weight over the heel of the shoe and prevent sideways slip of the foot at the heel end of the shoe.  

*During wear the inserts are not visible from any side of the foot.

*The inserts can be cleaned and dried in place with water and paper towels and left to air dry. 

*The inserts bond permanently with pressure sensitive adhesive to the insole of shoes and don't slip about in use. Instructions are included for temporary placement to ensure a correct custom fit

Made in Canada Available on (USA) and (Canada)


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