Inserts - Ball of Foot cushions for Flats or Heels < 2" $9.65 (5 sets $23.95) $US

Killer Heels Comfort

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* Polyurethane (PORON) shock absorbing cushion never flattens & never feels slippery or damp

* Ridge under middle three toes stops foot from sliding forward

* Ergonomic design preserves toes' propulsion & balance functions

* Contoured foam cushions fit your feet, take up minimal space & never crowds your shoes

* Fits most medium size women's/ men's feet 7-10

*Perfect for Thong Sandals/Flip-Flops; Flats; Runners; Hiking Boots; High heels with 2-3" heels; & Ice Skates

Each Package includes:

  1. shaped left and right forefoot pieces with a permanent glue strip on each piece.
  2. General instructions for fitting the inserts into flats, with special instructions for thong sandals and for closed in laced up footwear. 

The inserts can be fitted into runners, hiking boots, ice skates or other closed in shoes with laces by using the same method as for more open shoes like ballet flats or oxfords. Another way to fit the inserts is to measure the distance from the back of the heel to the middle of the ball of the foot, mark that spot, and place the insert's central raised area directly over that spot.  In closed shoes the laces should be completely undone to put in the inserts. During wear the front edge of the insert should be protected with clear tape, such as 2" wide cellophane tape, to protect the inserts from ripping if the foot is put in horizontally as it is not convenient to completely undo the laces for every use of the footwear. 

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