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What is the Science Behind Killer Heels Comfort?

The science behind the design of Killer Heels Comfort high heel  inserts is physics, specifically Newton’s First Law of Motion. This law states that “every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it”. The high heel inserts design is the best ways to make high heels more comfortable because it is a science based design that functions the way it is supposed to by eliminating the main source of discomfort which is the forces of the front and sides of the shoe putting pressure or 'external force' on the foot.

Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts function in a completely new way from all other high heel inserts. They function by holding the foot from sliding forward or sideways by stopping the foot at two places, which are at the front of the ball of the foot and at the front of the heel where there are vertical surfaces.

The main difference in design of high heel inserts or insoles verses inserts or insoles for flat shoes is that the design for high heels must function on vertical surfaces and take up very little room. The design must address the chief problem of high heels which is that the foot is supposed to 'stay put' on a ramp that is inclined from between 15 degrees to 30 degrees and the insert or insole design must not exacerbate the problems caused by high heels by adding height under the heel of the foot, or destabilize the foot by raising the center of gravity of the wearer's foot.  

When a foot in a high heel shoe is in motion - sliding forward down the ramp inside a high heel shoe at each step - the foot will keep sliding until it pushes into something that is the external force (front of the shoe toe box or sandals straps) that stops it.

In a closed shoe the foot stops when the front of the shoe's toe box crushes the toes and the sides of the shoe force the bones of the forefoot to pinch together. When this happens a gap appears between the back of the shoe and the heel.

In an open shoe the forward slide of the foot makes it cut into sandal straps at the sides of the foot, the toes overhang at the front, and the sling back of a sandal style shoe falls down when the heel moves forward in the shoe. 

When the foot is stopped from sliding inside heels the customer can buy a properly fitting shoe without fear that a shoe that allows for the proper half inch of space in front of the longest toe will not stay put.  Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts function best in properly fitted heels. They are also the ideal high heel inserts to 'rehab'  shoes that have become too roomy due to becoming stretched out from being worn a lot or that are slightly big because they are between sizes.

In an article "The Real Harm in High Heels" by Dr. Natalie A Nevins provided for the American Osteopathic Association Dr. Nevins points out what wearing heels does to a foot.  It is to be noted that Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts addresses this exact problem by preventing the forefoot and toes from being crushed by stopping the foot from sliding forward in a high heeled shoe.

Dr. Nevins wrote, " Extended wear of high heels and continually bending your toes into an unnatural position can cause a range of ailments. Additionally cramming your toes into a narrow toe box can cause nerve damage  and bunions. "  " When you wear high heel shoes with a heel two inches or higher your foot slides forward in the shoe forcing the toes into the unnatural shape of the shoe and redistributing your weight incorrectly."

Various ways that a foot in a high heel shoe is made comfortable is illustrated here 

 These videos show four common problems that may be prevented by using Killer Heels Comfort inserts in your high heels.

If the foot can be immobilized and prevented from moving forward and down the slope inside the shoe it’s ‘state of uniform motion’ will be stopped, and there will be no ‘external force’ being applied to it by the front and sides of the shoe. The high heel inserts will stop the forward motion of the foot and stop any foot pain that originates from external force applied to the foot by the front or sides of the shoe. The inserts will help you to deal with your heels in a positive way and enjoy wearing your killer heels in comfort. Each pair of your shoes can be quickly outfitted permanently with the inserts so that each time your reach for a different pair from you shoe closet they are ready for you to wear.

Stopping the foot from moving inside the shoe will allow you to wear your heels in comfort for a longer time and stabilize your walk.

The material used for the product

The material used in the high heel inserts that act as the stoppers preventing the foot from sliding must be strong enough to resist a lot of pressure put on them, yet soft enough to be comfortable underfoot. There are very few materials that have this dual function. One that fulfills both of these functions is a viscoelastic material that is a polyurethane foam trademarked as Poron.

This material works particularly well because:

  • Poron is an energy absorbing material that reduces the ‘shock’ to the foot from the impact of walking on hard surfaces. When stepped on the Poron cushion springs back after each step.
  • Poron never ‘bottoms out’ under the pressure of the foot, therefore a thin layer of Poron only 2 to 3 mm thick provides good cushioning under the ball of the foot that never flattens and becomes ineffective.
  • Poron is a material that combines a soft feel and good pressure redistribution under the foot and is durable but not stiff.
  • It is moisture resistant and never feels wet.
  • It fits into a very small space without adding bulk to the shoe

   Basford & Smith (1988) showed that the use of viscoelastic polyurethane insoles reduced back, leg and foot pain in adults who stand for most of the day. This is due to its’ ‘bounce back’ springiness.   Dyer (1983) found that symptoms of fatigue and stiffness following long distance walking were reduced by the use of energy-absorbing insoles made of viscoelastic materials.

Researchers found that these materials used either as insoles or incorporated in shoe construction (in low heeled shoes, as high heels were not tested) , provide redistribution of pressure beneath the foot and attenuate the impact load at the heel strike transient. They are able to provide symptomatic relief, often leading to resolution, in a variety of conditions affecting the back, lower limbs and feet, particularly those related to overuse.”

The inserts trademarked Killer Heel Comfort high heel inserts are the first high heel inserts designed to alleviate the pain that high heel shoe wearers feel by stopping the foot from sliding forward or sideways inside a high heel shoe.

When the foot is held immobile all foot discomfort and pain that can be traced back to the foots’ movement inside the shoe is eliminated. A bonus is that the foot stays put over the heel area of the shoe in a place where it is designed to be, and where the wearer’s weight is borne by the heel area of the foot rather than excessively by the ball of the foot. All of this is straightforward plain physics, but it adds up to compounded comfort for your feet .

The use of Poron as the material for the inserts makes them comfortable and effective, the inserts do what they are supposed to do, which is provide comfort to high heel shoe wearers that is real and is backed by the principles of physics and scientific research of the properties of viscoelastic materials as cited below.


The above text has excepts from the article: The Use of Viscoelastic Materials in Shoes and Insoles: A Review by Micheal W. Whittle, M.D., PhD. *, Chattanooga, Tennessee        *Cline Chair of Rehabilitation Technology, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403, U.S.A., and Director, H. Carey Hanlin Gait Analysis Laboratory, Siskin Hospital for  Physical Rehabilitation, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403 U.S.A.  @Magister Corporation 1996

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