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How the Newly Patented High Heel Inserts Work

If your toes are constantly sliding forward in your shoes then Killer Heels Comfort is the best way to make your high heels comfortable.  High heel inserts for comfort must be designed in a way that prevents the foot from sliding forward in the shoe as this is a major source of discomfort in heels. Equally important is to allow you to walk with normal function of your toes. Killer Heels Comfort increase your happiness in wearing your high heels because to improve how your high heels feel and look in your heels is to improve the way you look and feel. This ergonomic, customizable to fit the foot exactly invention makes many women say, why didn't somebody - some woman - think of that sooner? 

The new patented * invention of Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts look different and work differently from any other design of insert made for helping to make high heels comfortable.   It is in two pieces to make it completely customizable for your foot by you. Each piece moves independently to adjust to the length of your foot, and to its' transverse alignment.  It is a pro-active insert that will protect your feet to prevent pain from occurring, rather than cushion or soothe the pain in your foot after it has occurred.  These high heel inserts function by stopping your foot from moving about forward or sideways in your high heel shoe.  Your foot is stabilized, your toes don’t get crushed into the front of your shoes (or overhang) and your heel does not gap, thus preventing foot pain from starting from these three major sources. An additional bonus it that these high heel inserts stop the wobble you get from high heels. It can help to get rid of your problems with heels of all styles because the tiny two pieces fit entirely underfoot and are not visible from any side of the foot when worn.

In a high heel shoe, it is the pressure of your full weight forcing your foot forward in your shoe that causes many problems. The crushing of your foot repeatedly into the toe end of your shoe is painful and may lead to permanent detrimental changes to your toes, foot nerves and toe joints if you do not protect your feet. 

If you compare the fit of your shoes with and without the high heel inserts the comparison will thrill you because the inserts work in six different ways to solve your issues with heels.  You can buy one set of Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts to eliminate six problems instead of buying six different high heel shoe products for problems of; heels gapping and chafing; ball of foot pain; toes discomfort from straps and ugly toes overhang; toes and forefoot discomfort from crushing, pain between the toes from high heel thongs, and foot instability from your heel not staying put. 

The forefoot insert (when used alone) will prevent the tips of toes from pushing into the front of the shoe causing pain in running shoes, particularly when hiking on rough terrain or running. If you hike or run you need the forefoot part of the inserts. This can be the cure you have been looking for painful toes and ruined toenails from running.

The method for putting the inserts in your shoes is easy. It is done with the help of transferring your foot measurements from a template (included with the inserts) to the inside of your shoe. With the inserts in your heels or running shoes you can concentrate on your activities and fun, not on your next foot step!

The two inserts of Killer Heels Comfort hold the foot steady in two places - at the front of the heel and at the front of the ball of the foot.  The heel bone, and the bones in the ball of the foot that are the metatarsal heads, are bigger and therefore better able to take the pressure inside high heel shoes than the relatively fragile bones of the toes.  While the two inserts, one in front of the heel, and the other in front of the ball of the foot under the middle three toes, are stopping the foot from sliding forward and sideways, they are also keeping the shoe in its' proper place on your foot. Your weight stays over the heel area in the shoe, which is where it is supposed to stay.  The front of high heel inserts design has a curved dip in it that stops the heel from slipping sideways and moving off the center of the heel area of the shoe. The insert height is 6 millimetres. This is low enough to pass under the arch so it does not press into the tender area under the arch of the foot, or force the foot upwards out of the shoe in the heel area.  It does not lead to best results in foot stability if an insert pushes the heel up and the arch of the foot area up as this causes instability due to the higher centre of gravity. The heel area insert of Killer Heels Comfort does not extend under the heel, therefore it does not raise the heel of the foot and cause problems by increasing the pitch of the ramp inside the shoe.  The heel of the foot is stabilized in its place to bear the weight of the wearer overtop of the heel of the shoe. The toes of the foot and ball of foot are relived of some pressure when the foot stays in it's proper place over the heel.  

The forefoot inserts are designed to have three functions. The raised section that fits under the middle three toes holds the foot from sliding forward into the front of the shoes.  The raised section shape allows for full function of the two side toes, the big toe, and the little toe to provide propulsion and to maintain balance and a normal gait while moving or standing. Maintaining a normal gait is important, especially in heels, because interference with gait by inserts that push the foot up in the shoe can cause walking in heels to be more hazardous.  A review of the many features of the inserts demonstrate how they are a top functioning insert to maintain your normal gait while providing comfort.  

The extended section of the forefoot insert that fits under the ball of the foot functions to cushion that area of the foot from downward pressure.  The Poron material of the insert never flattens. It continues to spring back after every step to cushion each footfall anew.  The Poron material is soft underfoot, but strong enough to resist lateral and vertical pressure without crushing. It will function like its supposed to and treat your feet to comfort. 

These high heel inserts are in two parts so they can be adjusted exactly to every unique foot configuration.  Each insert part can be independently moved front to back and rotated.

A template is included with the inserts to allow each user to customize the fit.  The correct fit is important for the functioning of the inserts because they function by holding back hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch and must be placed at the exact correct spot.  If the inserts are too far forward or too far back in the shoe they don't function.  If they are too far forward they don’t have proper contact with the foot, and if they are too far back they are like a lump underfoot.  The inserts can be put in place temporarily and the shoes tried on for fit, and when the placement is exactly where it is most comfortable then the inserts can be permanently attached. With inserts permanently in your favourite heels you will always be ready to wear them and know you will be comfortable. 

The configuration of every body’s foot is different, even two people with the exact same shoe size will have different distances from their heel to the ball of the foot, or have a different angle to the transverse arch of their foot. They may also have different arch heights and different foot widths.  Killer Heels Comfort will fit every configuration of foot exactly because each insert can be adjusted in every direction, and placed optimally to  accommodate your personal foot measurements.

The tiny size of the inserts allow them to be fitted perfectly into the small hollow under the foot at the front of the heel and the small spaces created by the arching of the middle three toes when you stand on tiptoe as you do in high heels.

The size of the inserts allows them to be fitted comfortably into any shoe that has a normal fit. Shoes that used to have a normal fit but have stretched with wear can be made to feel stable again because the inserts will hold the foot against the heel to prevent heel gaps and will also prevent the foot from sliding forward.

The function of the inserts to hold back hundreds of pounds of pressure, yet feel soft underfoot, is possible because they are made of Poron.  Poron is a polyurethane that does not flatten by ‘bottoming out’ over time , does not become slippery when moistened, and can be firmly attached to the insole making it the ideal material for inserts that are intended to provide stability and comfort for high heel shoes.

*Canadian Patent 2872811, April 2015.  A USA patent is pending. 

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