Best high heel inserts; 'Holy Grail' for high heel lovers that combines style plus comfort

The very best high heel shoe inserts must tackle the problem of toe pain and foot pain in high heels in a new way.  There was nothing existing in high heel inserts comfort prior to 2015  that was effective and worked for all heels and all foot types because there was no high heel inserts that were customizable to the foot and were not bulky and did not move about inside the shoe -  thereby being useless in keeping the foot in place. The inserts themselves would not stay in place! All high heel shoe inserts and high heel shoe insoles ignored the fact that there is a vertical surface in high heels that is the biggest problem.  The following explains how Killer Heels Comfort were invented as the HOLY GRAIL of Style + the process of reasoning by First Principles. 

This is an example of reasoning by First Principles in an invention of high heel shoe inserts.   Gravity exists, gravity works in a high heel shoe as something with a mass (a person’s weight attached to a foot on a downward slope) that is being pulled down by a force – the force of gravity.  F=GM m/r2   This is the problem.  The solution is to stop gravity from pulling the foot down.  The solution is to stop problems of pain in the toes and forefoot from happening in the first place, not just cushioning with gel or bandaging the toes and the ball of the foot after they are painful. It is also a solution that considers the problem of foot pain in heels from both the horizontal and vertical surfaces.

 I reasoned by ‘First Principles’ what was needed was a means to physically stop the foot from sliding forward with something that was comfortable on the foot, did not crowd the shoe and also stayed in place against hundreds of pounds of pressure on it.  This is how I came up with my invention of high heel inserts that I called Killer Heels Comfort.  My invention is not an extension or a reiteration on a theme that has been executed before in hundreds of foot cushions, it is completely novel.  It is an example of Reasoning by First principles and not by analogy. 

Killer Heels Comfort inserts were invented to prevent my toes from sliding forward in my shoes. I wanted high heel inserts that were effective, discreet and worked to completely stop toes and feet from hurting.  No high heel inserts on the market were effective, comfortable and invisible so I could wear them in my platform peep toes at the office, my strappy high heel sandals to a party, and inside pumps in my job as a lawyer in court.  I also wanted inserts that would allow me to go confidently into any shoe store and choose heels of any height and style and know I could wear them in comfort. In other words  I invented the 'Holy Grail' of high heels inserts so I could have style plus comfort in heels of all types !