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Buy one set of high heel shoe inserts from for $12.95 and accept my FREE OFFER of two (2) sets of shoe inserts: Deluxe ivory silk covered high heel shoe inserts; Ball of Foot inserts for all styles of flats or low heels

Offer of two sets of inserts - one silk covered for heels and one PORON foam for flats if you buy one set of high heels inserts PORON from

I'm making an OFFER to you, people living in the USA,  if you buy ONE SET OF HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS FROM AMAZON.COM I give you FREE, two more sets which consists of one sets of Deluxe ivory silk covered high heel shoe inserts; and one set of Ball of Foot inserts for all styles of flats or low heels. Offer good only until 40 sets are bought from or it is the 15th of Feb.! 

The inserts are made of PORON, a rebounding polyurethane that never flattens in use giving you years of comfortable cushioning under the ball of the foot. The inserts also stop all moving about of your feet in yours shoe. The forefoot piece of the inserts have a toe grip to keep your feet from sliding forward in your shoes, either high heels or flats, to stop all pain that results from toes being bent and crushed. 

The arch piece of the inserts shifts the weight of the wearer towards the heel of the shoe and keeps it there.  The heel of the foot is stabilized and kept in place inside the heel area of the shoe. This stabilizes the shoe overall, especially useful in high heels that tend to be wobbly, which makes walking easier and more natural in heels. It also prevents heel blisters because the heel of the foot is not moving about up and down inside the shoe. The ergonomic design of both pieces of the inserts and the custom fit of them completely under the foot makes it so the inserts take up practically no space inside the shoe. The slim fitted inserts don't crowd the shoe like thicker layered foam inserts, or force the foot upwards out of the shoe or not fit every foot properly like gel insoles. The PORON foam inserts provide superior rebound and cushioning that never flattens even with years of use.  The toe grip of the forefoot piece never flattens so the foot does not override it and it is narrow to allow for the functions of balance and propulsion by the big toe and the little toe.


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