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Love Your Heels Day ! Love your heels day is everyday - there are no ' high heel pain days',ever!

Love your heels day

Love Your Heels Day ! Love your heels day should be everyday - no need for high heel pain ever when comfortable, custom, soft, spring-back foam, 'invisible'  high heel shoe inserts are available for temporary use (take them on a trip from shoe to shoe) or permanent, (make your fave heels ready to wear instantly & know they will be supremely comfortable every time for every occasion)

P.S Killer Heels Comfort high heel shoe cushions fit 'invisibly' into every high heel shoe like a tan/beige 'shadow'. They will make heels fit like they were custom made for you. Put them into any correctly fitting heels you own, or buy new. Don't put them into heels that are too tight for you to wear comfortably. The cushions will make fair or good shoe fabulous, but won't make too-tight fitting shoes fit less tight! 

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