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Love Heels? Hate Pain? Prepare your Holiday Season high heels. Check out to how to wear stilettos in comfort. Style has never had such comfort, before now.

Love Heels? Hate Pain? A new product has been patented in 2015 that will forever change how you wear high heels.!

* Wear high heels up to four times (4x)  longer than you are used to. Wear heels without pain. This can be your high heel experience from now on!

This has been my high heel experience ever since I invented a new type of high heels inserts made from sculpted (not flat) PORON foam in a design that is customizable to adjust to all foot lengths, transverse angles and arch heights. 

This is the only high heel insert ever designed that tackles the problem of high heel pain resulting from the vertical surface - the steep ramp inside all high heels. The two cushions of the insert set completely stops the foot from sliding forward. And voila! No pain from crushed toes or from heel blisters !   

The inserts also shift pressure from the front of the shoe and keeps more of your weight over your heel. This puts noticeably less pressure on the ball of the foot - and it works for all arch heights because the foot is stopped from moving away from the heel end of the shoe. 

The PORON spring back, shock absorbing cushion makes the ball of the foot comfortable. Weight is kept off the ball of the foot by a cushion in front of the heel   - plus comfort is provided by the cushioning of the horizontal surface of the ball of the foot. The combination of stopping pain from happening at three main sources is what allows you to wear your high heels four times as long as you usually could. 

The inserts never become damp or slippery or become loose or push your foot up out of the shoe. They are made of soft breathable porous PORON foam. They are invisible underfoot, they don't stick out from under your foot anywhere, not even at the heel end. The inserts fit into two  tiny spaces under your foot, and do not take up a lot of space like full length or 3/4 length bulky insoles. The inserts never crowd your foot in heels.  You can wear the skimpiest sandals securely with you foot cradled from underneath and held firmly in place between two soft cushions. 

* Some women can wear heels much longer than other women without pain. Killer Heels Comfort inserts will allow you to wear your heels much longer than you could without them. Your personal high heel wearing time will increase a lot because:  the balls of your feet won't be burning; your toes will have space to wiggle and will not be in pain from being crushed;  and your heel will not be in pain from blistering. Your shoes must fit normally for you to benefit from the inserts. The inserts will not help you if your feet hurt because your shoes are too tight.  The inserts will help you a lot if your shoes fit normally because the inserts are designed to keep your foot in the optimal place inside the shoe - where the shoe designer intended your foot to be in a world where there is no gravity!   

This is the only high heel insert invented/prototyped/patented/manufactured by a professional woman who wears heels to work - and has the inserts in every pair of heels she owns !

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