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How to put Killer Heels Comfort high heel shoe inserts into your shoes! Easy 3 steps! See video at

Video of how to put in Killer Heels Comfort inserts into your high heels

How to put Killer Heels Comfort PORON foam cushions into your high heels video copy/paste: 

Step 1  Put your foot in your shoe, mark on the outside of the shoe where the foot is the widest on both sides. Transfer the marks to edges of the insole on the inside of the shoe.

Step 2 Take the forefoot insert, the round lobed shaped one, and match the pen  dots on the sides of the insert in line with the dots you made on the insole of your shoe. Place the forefoot insert with the highest ridge, the toe grip, facing forwards.

Step 3 Take the arch area insert, the triangle shaped one, and place the notch two finger widths from the back of the heel. 

The insert is now in your heels, enjoy walking in stable shoes that optimally cushion the ball of your foot. 

watch 1. 5 minute video at :


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