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How to have perfect painfree holiday heels! The three most common problems exacerbated by wearing high heels are morton's neuroma, bunions & hammer toes. Many high heel shoe problems can be eliminated with custom fitted inserts

Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts are perfect for holiday heels! As an added benefit to cushioning & preventing forward slide the inserts protect your toes from being crushed forward & aggravating foot problems due to toes being crushed.

High-heeled shoes are a classic way to enhance appearance because they create a classic poise and walk. They are able to transform posture and the way the body moves. High heels can be painful however pain from high heels is mostly preventable. Two main reasons high heels are painful: 1. They don't fit correctly  & 2. They aren't cushioned properly. Nearly all high heel pain, except for ankle pain, are due to these two reasons. Ankle pain is usually a problem with higher than 3" heels, as it is only in higher heels that  cushioning the foot or holding the foot back so toes don't get crushed are not the only issues. 

If high heel pain is from toes being crushed, heel gaping and creating blisters, or the foot sliding forwards in heels these are easily and quickly corrected. The first step to take is to buy the right shoes. To prevent pain and foot disfigurement take time to find shoes that fit correctly and you can walk in them easily. Then cushion them in a way that the foot does not move about inside the shoe, and pressure on the ball of the foot is alleviated with rebounding foam. If you buy the right shoes and outfit them with rebounding foam that cushions the foot and keeps the foot from sliding forward you may completely prevent the pain and damage to your foot from morton's neuroma, bunions and hammer toes. If you already suffer from any of these conditions your foot will be much more comfortable in heels if it is not being forced forward or squeezed into the toe box as this will aggregate your foot conditions. See a description of the three foot conditions, Morton's Neuroma, Bunions & hammer toes  in the featured image. 

When you buy heels at the shoe store they should feel comfortable and be easy to walk in - right from the store. You should never buy heels with the idea that they will stretch to fit. You should walk about in the store for at least five minutes to make sure there is not seams or insole or ridges that bother your foot and that you can easily wiggle your toes while standing.  You should be able to easily maintain your balance and walk naturally on a smooth floor. Adding cushioning will make good shoes better, but will not make bad shoes good. If you are between sizes always buy 1/2 size larger and ensure a good fit with the addition of custom cushioning. 

In buying high heel shoes a lot of attention should be paid to buying only shoes that fit with at least 1/4 to 1/2 " of space in front of the longest toes and that you can walk in comfortably.  Always add inserts to any heels over 2" in height to prevent gravity from pushing your foot downwards. Never use Inserts that don't allow for normal toe functions of propulsion by the the big toe and balance by the little toe. Normal toe function is very important in high heels to prevent wobbling and allow for a natural gait. 

 When compressed by a footfall, the open cell polyurethane PORON foam of Killer Heel Comfort inserts compresses and then springs back into shape to provide cushioning and absorb shock from the next footfall. In addition to being extremely comfortable, the inserts also stop the foot from sliding forward and sideways. The notch in the arch area insert keeps the heel of the foot from falling off the heel end of the shoe.  Killer Heels Comfort inserts are invisible when worn therefore they can be used in any heels even strappy Jimmy Choo sandals. 

The inserts will prevent pain in heels that are worn all day if they are under 3" in height. For higher heels the time that you can wear heels without pain is extended by 3 or 4 times. Extension of time without pain depends on the source of the pain. If the source of the pain is from toes being crushed the pain can be completely alleviated because if the toes have wiggle room they are not being crushed.  If the pain is from burning of the ball of the foot then the height of the heel determines the amount of time that the heel can be worn. The amount of time is usually 3 or 4 times longer than without rebounding foam inserts.  If the pain that is alleviated is from foot and muscle strain due to wobbly heels then the pain can be completely alleviated if the shoe is stabilized with rebounding PORON foam customized to the foot. High heels are stabilized when the weight of the wearer is kept over the heel and the foot stays in the position inside the shoe where the shoe designer intended it to stay. The raised areas of the inserts physically keep the foot in place and they are helped by the fact that the inserts have a  non slip porous surface. The inserts do not become slippery when damp the way gel inserts do. The inserts are attached with strong double sided adhesive that will hold back hundreds of pounds of pressure as the weight of the wearer forces the foot downwards on the ramp inside high heels. 

Killer Heels Comfort inserts work in many ways to provide high heel shoe comfort. The inserts stop feet from slipping forward or sideways in high heels. The inserts reduce fatigue from muscle strain on top of the foot and leg muscles that results from the foot trying to hold the shoe on when the shoe is wobbly. Ankle stain is reduced because the shoe in the foot is stabilized at two places for better balance and less wobbliness of the shoe. The inserts are custom fitted therefore the cushioning under the ball of the foot can be placed precisely at the point of greatest pressure without having to have too much or too thick cushioning near the edges of the foot where it crowds the shoe.

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