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DIY custom Insoles/Inserts for winter wedge boots, cowboy boots or chelsea boots with 2" or higher heels

DIY custom inserts for boots layered from leather, PORON foam and fabric

Make your own custom fitted, custom made perfectly comfortable layered insole that keeps your foot in place, adds cushiony comfort and keeps feet warm and dry in any cold weather boots.  The featured boots are wedge heeled Sorels, BP Barris block heel bootie chelsea boots and House of Holland colourful leather cowboy boots. These boots are typically bought in a large enough size to accommodate a thick sock. With the custom insole they can be worn with a thinner sock because the insole will keep the foot warm by insulating it from the ground. The custom made insole/insert/insole was tested for several months in a  2.5 " wedge heel boot. It functioned very well to keep the foot from sliding forward, cushion the ball of the foot and keep the heel in place within the boot. 

To make the DIY insole/insert combination you will need smooth thin stiff leather insoles,  a set of PORON foam two part permanent high heel inserts and a thin fabric covered foam insole with perforations.  Cut the leather insole and the fabric covered insole to fit your boots. Adhere the PORON foam inserts onto the thin stiff leather insole as if it was the insole of a high heel shoe. Place the fabric covered insole over top of the PORON foam inserts as shown in the photograph.  To put them into the boots place the leather insole (with the attached inserts) into the boot first, and then layer the fabric covered foam insole on top. To ensure that they stay in place inside the boot lift up the heel of the leather insole and place a piece of rug tape or some of the glue squares that come with the PORON foam inserts. 

Now your'e done. You have perfectly fitting, comfortable boots that won't let your foot slide forward to crush your toes or squash your forefoot. Your heel will stay in place inside the heel of the boot. 

Overtime the fabric covered foam insole will flatten and you will have a contoured three part insole that is molded to your foot.  The PORON foam inserts will not flatten. They will remain contoured to the bottom of your foot to keep it in place and keep the ball of the foot cushioned.  

The insole/PORON inserts/insole was tested in leather-look below knee wedge boots with 2.5" heels, and .5" platform soles. Photo shows just the bottom part of the brown boot up to the buckle. The boots were worn every day for a two kilometre round trip, plus for shopping at malls and to winter activities that involved a lot of walking. With the customized insole the 2.5" boot is as stable and comfortable as a running shoe. 

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