Custom high heel shoe inserts, add comfort to high heels and match your shoe insole

 The above photo of four high heel inserts covered in 100%  silk with colours of gold, silver, black and off white demonstrate popular colours for high heel shoe insoles. The custom hand-made silk inserts' coverings can be fabricated by special order for you in %100 silk in these four colours, or you can also choose your own fabric in thin 100% silk and send it to me to fabricate for your unique look. Lightweight silk, such as that in silk scarves, works best. Killer Heels Comfort inserts add no bulk to the inside of heels when they are uncovered. A covering for aesthetic purpose made of silk adds a minimal amount of layering to the inserts so as to not compromise function.  Even with a silk covering the inserts remain tiny enough to fit entirely into the two hollows underfoot adding no bulk. The Poron inserts are breathable and not slippery when damp, and remain so with a natural fabric 100% silk covering. The tan coloured inserts shown are the natural uncovered Poron polyurethane inserts.

By adding a customized inserts covering you can go bold, and show off your ergonomic inserts with colour and design, or be discreet and blend the inserts into the colour of the inside of your shoe. During wear Killer Heels Comfort  inserts are completely hidden underfoot - so the only time the individual custom coloured inserts are on show is when you remove your heels.

Please contact me through my website to decide how you want to get your own customized inserts covered in 100% silk. I will make the customized covering for you within two weeks of your order. To customize your inserts colour please contact me at or complete the contact form below. The silk covered customized inserts will also be available on Etsy..  Please allow at least two weeks for completion of your custom silk covered inserts. The cost will be about $35 US per set of inserts including silk provided by me. If you provide the silk the cost is only for the customized work. Shipping is free to Canada and continental USA, Alaska and Hawaii. 

The natural tan colour Poron polyurethane inserts are very soft underfoot. The silk covered ones are equally soft, stop foot pain and are beautifully covered in silk. They are like walking on your own custom coloured clouds!