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High heels are fabulous - Even more so when they are comfortable! Following bad tips on 'how to wear high heels ' may/will harm your feet and damage your shoes, or do both.

High heel shoes are fabulous - even more so when they are comfortable

Blogs written for high heel wearers should give useful and good information about high heel comfort. I write blogs where I try to do that - plus dispel myths and bad "tips" such as splinting your toes together that can damage the nerves in the forefoot, or bad tips to buy tight shoes so they will stay on as you can supposedly 'stretch' them to fit, and bad tips like wearing sports socks in high heels to break them in - a tip if followed can lead to permanent foot damage.  

I also want to increase awareness of my newly invented and uniquely effective high heel shoe inserts available on and  These shoe inserts made especially for high heels are made to add only comfort to heels without adding any bad side effects. 

A style of high heel insole that is ubiquitous and that does have bad side effects for most wearers (the exception being a minority for whom the insoles fit perfectly ) are a style of high heel insole made from gel or resin that fits under the arch to raise the foot up by the arch with body weight pressing onto the arch. These high heel shoe insoles were invented 20 years ago and are currently sold under many brand names. The 3/4 insole is essentially a clear material - usually gel or resin in one size fits all or in some brands in three sizes -  'supersized arch support' that extends under the heel. It is usually made from hard gel or resin that presses the foot upwards under the arch for the purpose of forcing the weight of the wearer onto the arch of the foot so less weight will be on the ball of the foot. The theory is that if the weight of the wearer is carried by the arch, or as expressed 'shifted to the heel of the shoe' then less weight will be on the ball of the foot. The biggest problem with the 'supersized arch support' is that it cannot be customized to fit anyone's foot accurately.  Feet come in thousands of sizes and configurations and the 'supersized arch' insoles come only at maximum in three. It hurts a low arched foot  a lot by pushing up into the arch, and does not touch a high arched foot at all skimming right over it - the 3/4 insoles are thus very painful for low arch people and ineffective for high arch people.  The 3/4 supersized arch support insole will work only if it happens to fit the wearer perfectly to carry the weight of the wearer comfortably on the arch of the foot and the heel area.  A problem with both the resin and the gel insoles or 3/4 insoles is that they are slippery and feel hard under foot. Gel insoles that have some give and are made from a hard gel for a section under the ball of the foot and a soft gel for the arch support area get better reviews than the harder resin insoles that are hard all over.  The part under the heel for all 3/4 gel and resin insoles is rounded, and slippery and raises the heel upwards - the worst possible things to do to a high heel foot which does not need something to destabilize it and unbalance the wearer and make it difficult to walk naturally. 

Contoured shaped PORON is different. It rebounds with each step providing soft cushioning under the ball of the foot. The forefoot toe grip and the  arch area cushion stops the foot from sliding forward or sideways in any style of high heels from the strappiest sandals to the most narrow toed pumps.  (Until 2015  PORON foam had only been available as flat insoles or flat 'petal' shaped ball of foot cushions. Flat sheets of PORON cannot stop the foot from sliding forwards inside the shoe.)

Contouring the PORON into a toe grip takes the wobble out of high heels because the forward & sideways slide of the foot is 100% stopped. This stops toe pain, and stops heel gaps that make heel blisters. The PORON cushion is cut away at the sides in the toe box preserving the balancing and propulsion functions of the toes - with a bonus of wiggle room for the toes.  Normal toe functions are needed for walking naturally and with less effort in high heels, and for taking off and running more effectively in sports shoes.  

If you are looking for comfort for your high heels-  without problems created by bad side effects such as slipperiness, crowding of the foot or the foot being forced upwards out of your high heels , then please try the  high heel shoe inserts sold on my website or on Amazon.  On Amazon search for High heel shoe inserts and the picture of four pieces of tan foam. I am very proud of the reviews I receive both on Amazon and on my website of my shoe inserts. Customers recognize that every other high heel shoe insert or cushion or insole is defective in that none of them can stop the foot from sliding forward as effectively as the Killer Heels Comfort brand of shoe inserts. This is because no other cushioning for high heels has a contoured and soft toe grip that can be customized to fit your unique foot perfectly to do all three functions: stop forward slide; cushion the foot; and stabilize the  foot. If you would like to receive two FREE set of high heel shoe inserts to try in your high heels please go into, search for 'high heel shoe inserts' and my product, then email me that you ordered a set from Amazon and I will send you TWO FREE sets as thanks.  (This offer is open until it is withdrawn, therefore if you are reading this the offer is still open. Take advantage of it for the sake of your feet! )

* The featured shoe in the photo is 'Forever Marilyn' pump from Aquazzura 

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