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Best Metatarsal Pads for Women's shoes Patented in 2019 by a Woman

Shoe inserts that are to lumpy, gel shoe inserts like modern shape wear is to 50's girdles

Killer Heels Comfort shoe inserts for flats - and for high heels - are ergonomic and contoured to fit a woman's foot. They  are the most effective way to cushion the foot with rebounding foam - that never goes flat!  And to stop forward slide in shoes. And stabilize feet in all styles of shoes. The ergonomic inserts will stabilize the feet of long distance runners in athletic shoes to singer's like Mariah Carey in sky high platform heels . Customized fit foam inserts make shoes look better and fit better than any other shoe inserts/insoles ever invented or sold. They make shoes fit better and walking - even in heels - feel more natural.

No one who has worn Killer Heels Comfort ergonomic shoe inserts would go back to wearing ill fitting slippery gel shoe inserts, anymore than women who wear new style shapewear in the 2000's would go back to wearing 1950's girdles.

Description of Killer Heels Comfort inserts/insoles for high heels and flats:

Polyurethane foam high heel insoles are 2019 USA patented ergonomic metatarsal pads for women ;   High heel cushion inserts absorb shock of hard surfaces, stop toe pain and forward slide of feet ; These rebounding insoles for heels cushion balls of feet with USA PORON foam that never flattens;   Low profile arch pads keep heels in place, relieve pressure off balls of feet for foot pain relief ; Shoe inserts women's foot contoured pads fit all high heel shoe styles invisibly Made in Canada

 This is what you can do in your heels with the new inserts:  

Love your heels again Enjoy walking confidently in strappy sandals, mules or platforms without fatigue

Wear 3” heels up to *four times longer” without toe pain, or pressure that causes burning balls of feet

Innovative high heel insertsrebound to absorb shock of hard surfaces to be ideal ball of foot cushions, Soft toe grips preserve normal propulsion and balance functions of feet for a natural gait in heels

Permanent shoe inserts never slip or bunch, custom adjust for foot length, low to fit any arch ht.

Metatarsal pads of elastic open cell polyurethane absorb shock of hard surfaces preventing pain

 Soft toe grips stop foot slide 100% preventing crushed forefeet and pain even in pointy toe heels

Front of heel arch pads hold heels in place, keep weight over heels, shift pressure off balls of feet

Permanent 2 piece insoles for high heels dependably stabilize feet in heels to provide safe footing  

Soft breathable, hypoallergenic foam is never damp or slippery like gel, or hard like resin insoles

Tan colour and slim profile blends into shadows, never shows underfoot at front, sides or back

Inserts are fitted temporarily to ensure correct placement using detailed instructions provided

For normal or loose fit high heels 2” + heel ht. Wash and dry in place with wet and dry paper towel

Lasts up to 6 months of daily wear Don't expose to mineral oil or snag with rough or sharp objects

Never place in tight shoes. *For foot health limit wear of 3”+ heels to 20 min between resting feet

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